"MacDonalds has blood in their hamburgers" -- urban legend from 60s

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  • cabasilas

    I didn't know about oxblood being used to filter some French wines. I did a google search and apparently it's no longer done but was in the past:


    I wonder how many JWs "strained the gnat" in butchering meat, but "gulped" down the wine?!

  • tula

    actually, it has only been recently that they have stopped using blood in the wine. It supposedly ceased in 1997. So I would imagine that there is good possibility some has certainly been used in this country. Blood was not listed on the label...it's one of those "silent" ingredients. There is more documentation at http://www.mad-cow.org/sep99_news.html and also in this vegetarian magazine http://www.satyamag.com/nov03/wineintro.html

    I think it would be interesting to know if wines used at Memorial have been logged and if any were French wines? Are they standardized with the wines they use world-wide or is it up to the local congregation?

  • fokyc

    Yes, there were quite a few of these claims from the Dubs in the 60's,

    in Cheltenham (UK) Cong. they claimed that Wall's sausages contained blood,

    I was working for Unilever at the time and had access to Walls production lines,

    it was a load of rubbish, there was no extra blood, the pigs were slaughtered and bled the same as any other meat was.

    It was the same as the aluminium scare earlier on, just a load of hype.


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Witness 007....the blood was in the "special sauce". (You don't wanna know what else was in it!)

  • rebel8

    I don't remember McDonald's. I do remember the legend about blood being added to lunch meat and hot dogs, so we didn't eat that for a long time.

    We were all writing letters to Oscar Mayer asking them to stop putting blood in their products. I think my mom got a letter back denying they put blood in. Of course this was a lie from Satan intended to trick us into eating The Bologna That Leads to Everlasting Death. /8|

    Milky Way candy bars that were boycotted due to being made with blood (LOL), and a bunch of other things I can't remember.

    Btwn letters to food manufacturers, Proctor & Gamble, and the government of Malawi, we were always writing letters to someone....complaining that Satan's world wouldn't conform to our beliefs and "need" for processed food.

    I personally saw beef plasma as an ingredient on imitation crab meat and in Campbell's chicken noodle soup but I checked and no dubs know about a boycott.

    Maybe the days of boycotts are over, or maybe it's ok because it's a blood fraction! lol

  • Soledad

    My mom apparently believed this and would not let us eat the burgers at MickyDs. Just chicken nuggets or fish sandwiches.

  • tula

    The chickens are electrocuted to stun them and then their heads are cut off. They cannot be properly bled. The process of electrocution drives the blood back into the bones. That's why even when you cook the chicken throughly, you will find pink meat near the bones. Remember when chicken bones used to be white? Now, you will find they are dark. This is because of the blood being driven back into the bones from the electrocution. Pretty much all of the chicken slaughter houses do this now. You can go to www.notmilk.com and find the links for these slaughterhouses and how they operate. Pretty gory details and pics.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Jw's are the ultimate conspriracy theorist. Satan's world is always out to trap them, cleverly of course.


  • Snoozy

    McDonalds has MEAT in their hamburgers?

    Snoozy...who visited a slaughter house once..never want to again.

    Anyone know when McDonalds got their start?

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