"Playing Chess is evil, not for Witnesses" -Awake 1973

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  • restrangled

    OMG...Chess is a blast! We always had chess games going in our JW, elder house. Infact in 1970, my mom and I went shopping and bought a leather covered board and gorgeous chess men in brass and silver for about $300.00 bucks for my mom and dad's anniversary. It was displayed at Carsons in Chicago.

    We all played for years....I think my brother still has the set.



    Female Chess Players!!.................Ya gotta love that!!...............................OUTLAW

  • palmtree67

    Checkers is also bad. When you have to "king" someone, you are putting way too much emphasis on a mere person and not enough on God.

  • dinah

    Cool! They should write an article about playing Werewolf with a bunch of born-ins who have woken up. Tsk Tsk

    Is there NOTHING they haven't written an opinion on and declared it evil?

  • vikesgirl101

    My dad used to refer to this article when B1tch!ng about another elder. He felt that the bro was defying the org. Didn't they link chess to military strategies or something? So if a Christian was to claim to be neutral, he could not partake in chess. I believe this is a case of so anywho.......

    What about the scripture that talks about removing the rafter from your own eye instead of trying to extract the straw from your own? Isn't there also a scrip about being a stickler like a Pharisee? At what point are you just a Pharisee dissecting pointless activities??

  • brinjen

    I remember reading an Asleep! article that said Pacman was a "violent" computer game... along with Space Invaders and the others that were big at the time. They demonise everything.

  • vikesgirl101

    LOL!! Pacman violent? OMG! The nightmares I will have tonight!

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