"Playing Chess is evil, not for Witnesses" -Awake 1973

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Checkers is okay, but you cant say "Chinese" Checkers because that's breaking your christian nuetrality.

  • AlphaOmega

    A short while before that article came out, there was an Awake that yakked on about thinking a step ahead or something.... it cited Chess as an example and even put a picture in of a chess player playing chess !

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Re-reading some of these articles I shock myself at how crazy and brainwashed these magazines once were........Bethel's opionions become Witness Law!

  • besty

    My brother and I were both on the high school chess team. My Dad was counselled by the local janitor elder about us playing so we had to stop for a while. That would be around 1982.

    The same elder used to give entire Public Talks by reading huge chunks out of the bound volumes. It was a standing joke when he had the talk to see how many volumes he would have on the podium. His personal best was six volumes. I kid you not. Of course for someone with his limited brain power it was a struggle to remember the order he was supposed to be using the volumes in so he would waste a good 5 minutes out of the 45 fighting with 2 stacks of volumes. LOL


    witness 007...FYI: It's called Asian Checkers now.

    and by the way, the Ouija Board is banned because it gives the player a direct line of communication to Johanes Greber, Chuck Russell and other visionaries. Using it would be "running ahead" of the organization. Only the Slobbering Body are allowed to communicate with the great Spirits.


  • dwtnphotog

    Dangit, you mean I have to stop talking to the dead? Man...ruins my day.... LOL

  • inkling
    Hungry Hippos- Mis-use of Jehovah's purpose for animals, ban it also!

    Also promotes gluttony!

    tisk tisk


  • Robdar

    I remember that article. I also remember how I ignored that article.


    Bible Student..Way back when..Marbles was frowned upon..Gambleing.........I still played and took everyones marbles........One day I lost my marbles and ended up on JWD/JWN...................................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Yizuman

    Yes I love to play

    I can see why the WT view that to be bad.


    Oh you mean chess!

    My bad


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