"Playing Chess is evil, not for Witnesses" -Awake 1973

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  • Atlantis

    (Credit goes to Witness 007) Chess--What Kind of Game Is It? Awake-1973-March-22-pp.12-14 http://imgurl.filetac.com/img/86722510.jpg http://imgurl.filetac.com/img/86724650.jpg http://imgurl.filetac.com/img/86725510.jpg Nevada-

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Interesting. I always wondered how they justified that stance. I was banned from the chess club and the dungeons and dragons gaming club. I started to play D&D when it first appeared around 1977. There were lots of intellects in these clubs. Folks that liked toying with computers too. Dam thats better than hanging with other shady types of a lower caliber, but it was never good enough for them. They wanted to eliminate all associations. What an outrage! They just wern't happy until all fun was eliminated. You wouldn't beleive the extent they went to..... or maybe you would. I'm only scratching the surface of this one.

    In the end, we witness kids just met in the library all the time. I'm suprized they didn't ban that too. So much you can learn there. I even noticed they put their stupid literature on the shelves.

    It sure was a riveting,exiteing time for us. N O T !!!!!!!!!!

  • flipper

    I've always played chess! My elder dad didn't mind when I was young! I also play mind games, is that banned too? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Ya flip, I suspect all lot of other folks did too I reckon, that would be those of you who had parents who wern't insane. Now my folks tell me it's ok to play chess. They even encourage me to, and I refuse. I guess they see it as an attitude problem.They took my entire childhood away and now everything is ok. My dad is an elder and even plays chess with younger brothers in the hall. Where the middle finger emoticon on this board when ya need it!

  • DeusMauzzim

    Funny that this post shows up.... I've just been playing and studying chess all day

    - Deus Mauzzim

    (of the wicked-chess-players-class)

  • greendawn

    It's just the same old constipated mentality trying to smear and forbid things, by the same logic all games involving competition should be banned. It's ridiculous that mature people wouldn't be able to get over the possible resentment of defeat in a mere game.

    And especially chess is good at sharpening perception and foresight.

  • cultswatter

    So this is why some of the JWs that I know, hate chess!!. I was not aware of this awake mag. This is very disturbing. Chess really is good for the noggin as it prevents mind rot which is exactly what the JWs get when they have to study about 5000 pages of Warptower bulls*it every year

  • onacruse

    LOL...gosh, how I remember those days.

    Charles and I spent an entire weekend at the back of the Astoria High School (back in the days when we rented schools for circuit asemblies) playing chess on a magnetic board, way up on the top seats of the bleachers.

    We were both considered weirdos, so nobody bothered us.

  • Skimmer

    The WTBTS article implies that playing chess invariably leads to all kinds of nasty thoughts. Does this mean that the WTBTS believes that a computer program that plays chess is capable of thought? Or, it the article just more fetid steam emanating from the WTBTS corporate ass? Oh, and I've written strong chess programs: my name's in this list (but I won't say which entry): http://www.taccl.org/2007PresPart.html

  • VM44

    But....what about checkers? That game is OK for JWs, right?

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