Ever spend someones contribution by accident?

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  • brinjen
    Back in the day, you paid for the liturature up at the counter and asked for a specific amount of money from householders. That was your break money man

    That's how I remember it, they must have introduced the 'voluntary contribution' scam scheme after I left.

  • snowbird

    I left in 1988 and returned in 1998 when the voluntary donation arrangement had come into effect. I ALWAYS kept the donation. I had to drive all over the place, first to get to the KH for FS meeting, then, to get to the territory which was a distance from the KH.

    I figured that was my gas money. However, I contributed to the KH fund. NEVER to the WWW. Our Hall kept a surplus on hand to send to the Society anyway.

    Looking back, I never even suggested a donation. The householders felt sorry for me, I guess, because they used to give me a generous contribution.


  • KW13

    After he's done with you lot Jehovah might be tired, so he'll probably let me off lol.

  • minimus

    I didn't get a donation in YEARS!

  • caligirl

    No... but I did it on purpose! How else was I supposed to foot the bill for the coffee break?

  • snowbird

    I'm resurrecting this thread because it is hilarious. Please read and LOL.


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