Newspaper Coverage of the UN/WTBTS mess.

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  • LoneWolf


    Excellent suggestion. I'll use it.


  • zev

    lone wolf....


    thanks for your efforts.
    because of my situation...
    i could not pursue this any more than my initial reaction...sending that letter off to the u.n.

    i agree with posters here as well when the term former members is used.

    many many of us here are "members" like myself....trying to figure it all out.

    and taking as active a part as possible in exposing the wrong doing of those that would persecute "us" for doing the same.

    whatever reason the wtbts HAD for applying and joining the un as an ngo/dpi, the facts are IRREFUABLE that as soon as it was discovered, made public, they withdrew. that says 2 things. 1) guilt 2)they were afraid of what reaction it would have amongst its members.

    based on those observations.....IF I had a reason to join an organization, and the issues over joining it brought any sort of questionable issues about it to the fore, i'd have thought twice even if it meant alot of fringe bennifits.

    i CAN say that with a clear concience, as in my area of work, i must stay away from things, issues and acceptance of "bribes" for services rendered. to not do so would mean immediate unemployment.

    i cannot express in words the total feelings of my response to what has been unvieled in the last 2 months.

    at best...i can say i feel violated.

    though my quest for "truth" has been short lived, the uncovering of this issue and its magnitude have reeked havok inside my soul and darkened an already tainted spirit.

    yes i am disturbed.

    yes, my spirituality has been damaged.

    and yes...the actions, and cover up of this issue, and keeping it under wraps by the wtbts has stumbled me.

    lonewolf...thanks also for your hard work in getting the word out.

    i needed to vent, and i meant no "flames" toward yourself or anyone else.

    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

  • somebody

    Hi LoneWolf and detective,

    I thank you two for your time and effort spent in getting this all out to the media. It's appreciated very much, and I'll be using the info you provided to get it out to the local papers and news stations in my area.

    Dear zev,

    All your feelings are very normal. And admitting that your spirituality has been damaged is nothing to be ashamed of. You said you feel violated and that is exactly what the wbts has done to it's followers over and over again. Yes, you were violated. Along with millions of others who are being violated. Be happy that at least you know you were violated and you can begin heal from here.

    I'm sorry that your wife treats it as a personal attack when you try to talk to her about the inner turmoil you are suffering. But keep in mind that you have tried and tried to talk to her and show her. Although it's frustrating and painful, you just can't make anyone listen or look if they don't want to or just won't. I have watched you come to the point you are right now, along with everyone here on the board, over the past 7 or 8 months. I could see that you were suffering and it was even effecting your phsysical health.

    Although I'm scared for what price you might pay, you can't go on forever as you have been. so I say...

    Go for it! You'll feel a great release by letting go of this and getting it all off your chest.

    My thoughts will be with you today and please keep us informed of how it goes after today.

    You still have all of us who care about you.

    peace to you,

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Thank you for providing your synopsis and sample news release and for your email.

    I will look it over more thoroughly tomorrow as I have just returned from fulfilling my obligatory attendance at a Circuit Assembly and am totally bummed out. I truly don't know how many more of these sessions I can take for the sake of my family. I literally wanted to bang my head against the wall to get some relief from the same old droning drivel and hype I've listened to for too many years.

    So that being said, I'll say thanks again and answer tomorrow.

  • slipnslidemaster

    I also agree with waiting. Tone down the "ex" witness and tone up the "Witness". There needs to be nothing that the dubs can use to tear this press release apart.

    I am interested to see you next revision, but if you've decided to release it, I think I just may get off the bench on this one and modify it for my local newspapers and media.

    Good luck to us all, and God Bless America.

    Slipnslidemaster:"It is always the best policy to tell the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar."

    - Jerome K. Jerome

  • detective

    I lightly revised my press release to reflect that both current and former members alike are troubled by the UN situation. Just so you know, I know of no newspaper that would publish a press release. Instead they'll assign somebody to research and write an article based on the interest ignited by press releases/calls/letters. I would like to encourage everyone to take Lone Wolf's advice and consider emailing/calling/faxing media outlets multiple times to see if we can conjure up a little interest in the issue. I have sent my release to the following outlets:

    Christian Science Monitor:
    Send the release to " [email protected]" and direct it to the attention of David Cook, Editor

    Associated press:
    [email protected]
    fax 212 621 7520

    Boston Phoenix:
    Please send letters to the editor, press releases, and article
    commentary to [email protected]

    >The Boston Globe:
    "news tip from extranet" should be your email header.
    [email protected]

    For the Boston Herald:
    [email protected]
    Tips or comments call
    (617) 619-6789
    Newstips for The Cincinnati Post:
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    Religion at the Cincinati Post:
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    Kentucky Post (news tips):
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    The Columbus Disptach, Religion editor:
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    Managing editor of the Crescent News in Defiance, Ohio (okay, I just liked the name Defiance):
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    If any of you have releases or statements of your own and would like to email them as well, that might help generate interest. I think the squeaky wheel approach might be the best way to go. Please consider contacting these outlets. Also, I will send my release to a media outlet that you've contacted if you post the email address here.
    We need to make a little noise if we want people to get interested.
    Let's get the word out. Anybody willing to email/fax/call my sources?

  • detective

    Okay, I couldn't resist. I sent a release to The Kentucky New Era after reading Nic's posting of their free speech article. Likelihood that they'd turn around and confront the controversy after backing "free speech" witness-style? ...about zip! But I emailed it just for fun knowing that it would probably be disregarded.

    This is the address I sent it to:
    [email protected]
    FAX 270-887-3222

  • LoneWolf

    Hi, All,

    Here's another sample press release that I thought was excellent. David Brown is the author and has sent out many. Make your own modifications and have fun sending them to every paper you can think of. The more the merrier.

    Tom Howell
    Alias: LoneWolf

    Press release October 21, 2001 Two pages

    For immediate release

    Contact: Tom Howell
    [email protected]

    Jehovah's Witnesses quit UN affiliation
    "Strict neutrality in political affairs" questioned

    Responding to criticism from current and former members the Watch Tower Society (parent organization for Jehovah's Witnesses) this month withdrew its formal association with the United Nations as a NGO (non-governmental affiliate organization). The Watch Tower Society had quietly affiliated with the UN in 1991 in an agreement to "support the Charter" of the United Nations--also agreeing to promote the UN among its members. Watch Tower publications have long labeled the UN as one of the "beasts" of the biblical book of Revelation--the archenemy of the kingdom of God. Some critics of the 6 million member denomination, well known for its aggressive door to door missionary work, believe this is the greatest scandal to hit Watch Tower leadership. "It's comparable to a Catholic finding out that the Vatican had privately agreed to support Planned Parenthood and abortion rights," stated ex-member David Brown of Central Point, Oregon.

    The refusal of Witnesses to salute a flag, vote or hold public office has often brought them official persecution. Apparently, the Watch Tower Society's affiliation with the United Nations was to get help in their religious freedom struggles. "Their affiliation with the UN as a NGO was much more than just registering with the UN to get help for their members," says Brown. In a letter explaining the sect's withdrawal as a UN affiliate, UN official Paul Hoeffel states that NGO membership involves "support and respect of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes with its constituents and to a broader audience about UN activities." The Watch Tower Society's affiliation with the UN gave them political clout, status and connections they could not have had otherwise. The connection was not announced in Witness publications and was only recently discovered when it was noticed that the Watch Tower Society was listed on a UN webpage as a NGO member. The public criticism of this connection led to the Watch Tower's disassociation as a UN affiliate. "In October 2001, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York requested termination of its association with DPI [Department of Public Information of the UN]. Following this request, the DPI has made decisions to disassociate the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York as of 9 October 2001," explains UN official Hoeffel.

    Membership as a NGO of the UN required annual re-certification. "There have been several seemingly positive articles in the Witnesses' news magazine Awake! discussing the UN in the past few years. It seemed out of character to read such things in Watch Tower publications but it didn't make sense why they were there until now," says Brown. "The Society's Writing Department evidently used UN press releases for Awake! articles and then they could submit these to show they were informing their members of UN activities and keep their NGO membership."

    Ex-members and many current members feel this was hypocrisy of the highest caliber. Witness theology has understood the United Nations as "the disgusting thing that causes desolation" (from Matthew's gospel) and as "the image of the wild beast" from Revelation chapter 13. Witnesses believe that all other religions have prostituted themselves to the UN (their interpretation of "Babylon the Great" riding the "scarlet colored wild beast" in Revelation chapter 17) and that soon the UN will turn on "false religion" (all other religions) and destroy them. Improbable as that scenario is the Witnesses believe that because of their "strict neutrality in political affairs" they will not be affected when the UN acts to destroy "false religion" (this being the immediate predecessor of Armageddon). "Most Witnesses have no idea that for the past 10 years the Watch Tower Society was certified as an affiliate organization of the UN along with Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and other religious bodies promoting its agenda just as the other religions promote theirs," says Brown. "Actually, I think this was a positive development in the history of Jehovah's Witnesses. Unfortunately, it was hypocritical to do so while still demonizing the UN in their doctrinal publications. Sadder still, the Watch Tower organization still maintains a policy that effectively excommunicates members who get involved in any political activity."

    Documentation can be found at this website:

    For further information, contact:

    David Brown
    [email protected]

    Watch Tower Society News Office

    Paul Hoeffel
    Chief NGO Section
    Department of Public Information at the United Nations

    [Page 2 of Press Release: "Jehovah's Witnesses quit UN Affiliation"]

  • CatholicGuy

    I faxed the above press release on the UN issues to these papers. The first number is their main number. The second is their fax number. I suggest others may want to fax their own press releases to these papers. I think the more contact the papers have the more they will realize this is a REAL story. Are there any brave souls who would want to try to contact them directly?

    LA Times 213-237-5000
    FAX: 213-237-4712

    NY Times 212-556-1234
    FAX: 212-556-3690

    NY Daily News 212-210-2100
    FAX: 212-643-7831

    NY Post 212-930-8500
    FAX: 212-930-8540

    Pittsburg Post Gazette 412-263-1100
    FAX: 412-391-8452

    Chicago Tribune 312-222-3232
    FAX: 312-222-2598

    Washington Post 202-334-6000
    FAX: 202-496-3883

    Brooklyn Heights Press (Brooklyn Eagle):
    FAX: 718-858-4483


  • detective

    Hi Catholic Guy,
    Do you have any emails or websites for those papers? I don't have access to a fax so I've been emailing instead. I'd gladly send back up emails. I won't have time to look for those email addresses today so if you have them, that would help. Thanks for your help, by the way.

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