Newspaper Coverage of the UN/WTBTS mess.

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  • LoneWolf

    Hi, All,

    I tried to post this on the "MAJOR UN/WTS NEWS - WE HAVE A UN LETTER"
    thread, but it's not coming up for me. The page and the listing of the posts are all there, but the boxes are empty. (???)

    I've been following these threads with intense interest, even though I haven't said much. Maybe its time I do.

    I've taken Investigator's news release (slightly modified, with her permission) and sent it to the Portland Oregonian and the Eugene Register-Guard here in Oregon. They are the two biggest papers here in the state. I followed up with telephone calls the next day. My reception was friendly and interested.

    As Investigator asked if anyone would volunteer as a "Contact Person", I volunteered and am volunteering in the same capacity should anyone else need one. I'm already "out" in that they know who I am and how I feel. Nothing would make my day more than to have them come after me.

    Some of you may remember some very blunt posts I put on the old H2O board about a year ago, while using my real name. Shortly after that time four high-octane elders moved into this backwater congregation from San Francisco. They immediately became very friendly with my wife and children (who are still active in the congregation). It turns out that at least one of them has direct ties deep within the Society, having been a researcher for the writing department. He's also written articles for the Awake! magazine, and appears to be used occasionally as a "trouble shooter" by the organization.

    Now, don't get the wrong idea here. Their treatment of my family and this congregation has been such that I would say that most of us on this board would still be in the organization if you had received it too. I've seen nothing from any of them that couldn't be classified as thoughtful, caring, and considerate. This is amazing to me, as I am also absolutely positive that they know exactly where I stand. (I hand delivered it in writing.)

    At any rate, since then we have had some high officials come in and give special talks in this congregation. Greg Olds of the Legal Department came first and gave talks both Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday talk was a situation report about child custody cases and other legal problems, and how the R&F could count on Legal to help them out. A short time later Abrahamson, the Secretary/Treasurer of the WTBTS (forgot which corporation) came and gave two more talks. The Saturday one was about "How Can We Say We Are Guided by Holy Spirit When We Aren't Inspired". It was an hour and a half long and somewhere in the middle he said that "we could say that because the Bible is inspired, and we follow the Bible." Ooookaaay..........

    A third was scheduled to come, but the events of 09/11 messed up the travel arrangements. I never did hear his name or subject.

    A week or two ago I wrote up a brief synopsis of this UN/WTBTS situation (including both the addresses for the DPI requirements and the original thread on the subject here on the board) and gave it to the main man. (I'll post it on the board if anyone's interested.) He was shocked and dismayed, but did me the honor of not insulting my intelligence by trying to claim it was all a plot concocted by the "apostates". Instead, he took it seriously, saying emphatically, "We're going to get to the bottom of this!", and promising to get back to me. He hasn't yet, although he did get back to my cousin Jack who has been around the Society all of his life, but never in it. Jack's mother is here, in her eighties, and in an uproar over his suggesting that the WTBTS would have anything at all to do with the UN.

    His answer to Jack (and his Mom) came in 4 phone calls on four separate days!!! The upshot of the answer was that he didn't know all of the situation yet, but that 1. Yes, the Organization had been an NGO, and 2. He was trying to see if the rules for participation had been changed since 1991 and the Society didn't realize it. That information is being sent to him and he should be receiving it about now. I think that he hasn't answered me yet as he knows full well that I'm ahead of him and will catch him up if his info isn't accurate.

    Now, back to the news releases. My thought is that it is more likely that the editors will show a little more interest if more than one of us contact them and enthusiastically inquire about it. Anyone is welcome to use my name as a contact man:

    Tom Howell
    541 946-1231
    [email protected]

    If you introduce yourself, ask them to keep your identity confidential, and they should respect that. It wouldn't hurt to let them know why you want it confidential and the consequences to you if it isn't.

    I'm going to call again tomorrow and try to get the names of the editors and reporters that would be handling these articles. I'll let you know the results tomorrow night. Anyone interested in encouraging them in this regard please contact me by email. I would think that a little coordination would be helpful.

    To all of you who have worked so hard to dig out the truth of this matter --- Thank You!! Be assured that it will be used agressively.

    There is much more that could be said, but I don't want to reveal too much. Hope this brightens your day a bit.

    Tom Howell
    Alias: LoneWolf

  • Prisca

    Very interesting.

    Please keep us updated on the reaction to the newspaper's articles, also if this elder gets back to Jack (or you) as well.

    I admire your freedom to be able to publish your real name. Hopefully one day I will have that freedom too.

  • Tanalyst

    thanks for the contact - I dropped some info off at the local paper this week but didn't leave my name. I 'll stop by this am with your name.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hello LoneWolf:

    You said:

    A week or two ago I wrote up a brief synopsis of this UN/WTBTS situation (including both the addresses for the DPI requirements and the original thread on the subject here on the board) and gave it to the main man. (I'll post it on the board if anyone's interested.)

    I'd be very interested in your summary, and what you have prepared as a news release.

    I have read some exjws' comments that being an NGO isn't near as significant as their hasty redrawal after it was exposed, but still the whole issue really sticks in my craw. I just want to organize what I have read here and make sure I have all the terminoligy correct before I do anything with it.

    Any help you can give too will be much appreciated.

    I sign myself as "Had Enough" but really, I've had "more than" enough of the WTS and want to see them exposed but want to do so in a way that doesn't jeopardize my relationship with my still-active family.

  • detective

    Here are some other media addresses that people might consider contacting. I focused on the state of Ohio as it might be of greater interest there due to the coverage of the pending supreme court issue.

    Any takers in trying to contact them?

    Newstips for The Cincinnati Post:
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    Religion at the Cincinati Post:
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    Kentucky Post (news tips):
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    The Columbus Disptach, Religion editor:
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    Managing editor of the Crescent News in Defiance, Ohio (okay, I just liked the name Defiance):
    [email protected] < [email protected]>

    That's all for the moment. Let's get the news out there! Lone Wolf, thank you so much for everything!


  • peterstride

    So....does this mean that we should refer to you from this point on as "MoreThanHadEnough"??


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hey Peter: HaHa

    "MoreThanHadEnough",I guess just about sums it least about some things anyway.

  • bluesapphire

    Tom, I will be contacting you by telephone today. I am interested in your press release and "synopsis". I want to see your approach. I think it's time some more of us get up off of our asses and start getting the word out. I can't reach my sister because she wont listen but I still have hundreds of contacts in the WTS. I want to reach as many people as possible and I think a good article in a local paper would be very helpful in this regard. A person can always refer to the paper and not even mention the internet.

    Catholic Guy's comparing this situation to the Catholic Church secretly being involved in Planned Parenthood really hit home. I'm sure if this analogy is used with even the most brain dead dub, it will plant some serious issues. Down the line, it could be the thing that gets them to notice other discrepancies in the literature eventually freedom.

    Thanks for posting.

  • detective

    Lonewolf may have used excerpts from this release in contacting the press. He made some nice additions to it that I haven't included here because I don't have them on hand. You can use any portion of this as you see fit. I agree that it would be helpful if people could try to spread the word to the media. Any exposure on this issue would be wonderful.

    October 16, 2001

    For immediate release:

    Controversial Religious Sect's association with United Nations
    Withdrawn as Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses protest.

    Former members of Jehovah's Witnesses recently made a scandalous discovery when they learned the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society, also known as Jehovah's Witnesses, had affiliated itself with the United Nations by soliciting to become an associated Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Current and former sect members responded by flooding the United Nations and The Watchtower's headquarters in Brooklyn with phone calls in protest. Former members allege that for years the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has issued scathing statements in it's magazines and from the podium that malign the United Nations, dubbing it the "disgusting thing" and likening it to the "scarlet colored wild beast" of the bible. The Watchtower Organization seemingly bowed to pressure from former and current members by withdrawing its status just last week.

    While a seemingly harmless affiliation to most of us, the
    reckoning of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's quietly
    associating itself with the U.N. is the making of a substantial scandal for the controversial religious organization. Former members of Jehovah's Witnesses argued that the Watchtower Society has repeatedly painted a vile description of the United Nations and it's goals before an audience of about six million adherents. Recently, however, the United Nations received an unprecedented number of phone calls from outraged former members who stumbled upon the news that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, who made an art out of skewering the United Nations in it's publications, has been an affiliated NGO since 1992. Former members noted this position is a far cry from standing apart from the "disgusting thing" as the organization has repeatedly described it.

    Stunned former members of Jehovah's Witnesses who discovered
    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's association with the
    United Nations, initiated a grass roots effort to draw attention to the situation that could prove enormously embarrassing to both the religious sect and the United Nations. This revelation could be highly detrimental to the credibility of Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in the eyes of both the United Nations and of the religious organization's millions of adherents. Former members allege that the sect misled the United Nations by petitioning to support and promote its purposes while simultaneously maligning it before the Watchtower Society's millions of faithful believers.

    To further investigate this unfolding controversy, you may contact ____________.

    Additionally, to verify and assist in your research you can contact the United Nations NGO Section at Tel: (212) 963-6842.

  • dins

    I am with Had Enough..

    I have had enough for more than a lifetime. But like her, I would like to have all the research done so as not to damage futher any relationship I have with my current JW family.[>:(]



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