Between The WTS And The Deep Blue Sea

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  • hillary_step


    Many people leave the WTS after a short period, often only measured in weeks, of theological discovery. It is not an easy matter to recognize that the belief system upon which your whole emotional persona has been built has serious flaws, some sinister in nature, and often this leads to a rapid confrontation with the elders. Letters, most of them depressingly repetitive in content hit Service Desks in Local Branches worldwide, a few weeks later a sterile announcement is made in a congregation and the apostate conveyor belt shifts forward slightly, waiting for its next victim.

    Suddenly many find themselves outside in the cold, with little support, often without friends, sometimes with fatally wounded marriages and above all a crippling sense of confusion as to what one should now adhere to as a belief system.

    My plea in this post if for all those caught in that no-mans-land, between the WTS and the deep blue sea, not to play by the rules thrust upon you, but to plot your own passage over the seas of what is your life, and yours alone. Leave on your own terms with your dignity intact. When you are ready and if you chose to let the WTS know why you are leaving, then threaten them with public exposure in your local newspapers not the Courts. WT Legal is far more intimidated by newspapers than Courtrooms where they are very confident and very much in command. If you choose to drift, work out a plan of action and stick to it - it can be done. Even if this takes a year or two, grit your teeth and like an actor, learn your lines.

    Before you begin to share your new found information, count the costs.

    Plan a life for yourself outside of the WTS before you leave. Do it secretly if you have to. Make sure you have sound employment, finances, friendships and are relatively clear about the direction of your beliefs before you leave.

    Do not play into the hands of your foes by acting with haste. Careful planning for your future will save much emotional distress.

    My best regards to you all - HS

  • ashitaka

    Good advice...fade away with a plan.....

  • Trilobite


    Agreed; but we are all at such cross purposes, posting random thoughts. I'm actually sick of it. We either need to organize to do something positive or quit. I'm close to quitting. I feel that posting here is talking into thin air. How many excellent posts have been lost in the mists of time?

    If we each donated x-amount of $ or cents to some paypal account run by Bill, or Hawk, or someone we could trust, we could actually strike. $0 would be a legit amount too, but words only go so far; look at the history of the WTS itself, or Mao, etc etc etc. $s are needed now. With $ we can maim the WTS and force it to respond. Use their own style of weapon against them. No one seems interested and so I'm losing interest. What is it, we are all too poor, or too squeamish, or is it that we like wasting time posting here?

    Without money we are DEAD. Look at history...


  • hillary_step

    Hello Trilobite,

    Thank you for your post, I sense and sympathise with your frustration. You note:

    What is it, we are all too poor, or too squeamish, or is it that we like wasting time posting here?

    I would surmise a combination of all these, with a little fear of the reality of a daunting task thrown in.

    My own feeling is that the publicised failures of the WTS in recent years have and are adjusting policy, albeit perhaps far too slowly, but they are shifting into a more acceptable territory. This will continue.

    Eventually the WTS will make its bold mistake, one that no courtroom will help with, and then is the time to pool together. Much is going on behind the scenes towards this end. I can assure you the the GB is convinced that recent events have moved the world a hairsbreadth from Armaggedon and have a renewed vigor. This will be short-lived, time is not on their side.

    Best regards - HS

  • larc


    Please don't get disheartened. Recent figures posted by Simon indicate that their are 35,000 visiters here every week. I have seen lives changed because of this forum. I have seen Silent Lambs begin a web site and a movement in the past year. I have seen several individuals spend considerable time, effort and money on the UN issue, which has caused the WT to resign their position. I think a loosely organized confederation of "freedom fighters" is better than a centralized source of financial support.

    I am wary of a centralized collection of money. I would rather give particular individuals financial support who need it. I have done this twice in the last six months and plan to do more of this, as I am able.

  • tdogg

    Trilobite, I dont understand the desire to "attack" the WTBS. We must all bear responsibility for our own actions. Unless one is raised in the org. (as I was), one would have to choose to believe what the JW's teach. As for us children of the "great crowd", we must hold our parents directly responsible as they are the ones who made the decision for us, at least untill we were of age.

    I am satisfied just to be out and able to finally deal with my past life in the JW org. This forum has been truly helpful to me personally and I know the same is true for many others, and many more to come.I know that many posts dont get replied to, but that does not mean that they are not getting read, and making people think.

  • jst2laws

    HS Thank you for your nice post. You are so right about the length of time things can begin to change and life is totally different than before. Just tonight my husband (I'm writing for the first time under his name) and I were discussing topics with some friends of ours that we are trying to gently open their eyes. I feel there are still many "wheat among the weeds" that we maybe able to reach/help with encouraging bible discussions. This site has some good topics to pick and choose from to help others look around and question inconsistancies that people are afraid to ask locally. What good advice you gave to count the cost and make a plan. It seems to be helping us keep our sanity through all this change.

  • hillary_step

    Hello Wife Of Just2,

    Thank you for your comments and welcome to the Board. You seem to have the same gentle spirit as your husband. I am looking forward to your posts.

    Kind Regards - HS

  • beroea

    Thanks for your post. I do agree in a lot of your advices. But what sometimes make it even more complicated is caring of family. Wife/husband and maybe children sometimes makes it a mess. Different speed. Sometimes 2 step forward and then 1 or 2 back again. Feeling that even your head comes clear your acts don’t. It sometimes takes a lot of time.

    So even you made a plan others are able to destroy that plan easy. Love of family and close friend are important too. Your advices are good but difficult to follow.


  • zev

    excellent advice.

    i'm making those arraingments -- on skeduale

    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

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