Between The WTS And The Deep Blue Sea

by hillary_step 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • LittleToe

    Like zev, I'm on schedule.
    I would leave today if I didn't have family.
    The "fatally wounded marriage" is my only fear.

    As an elder it's even more difficult to leave swiftly, without DA'ing.
    So we'll see what happens, but I'd like to make it a good one !


  • hillary_step

    Hello Beroea,

    How are you my friend? Thank you for your comment.

    It is exactly because so many families are left in such turmoil that a careful plan should be followed. I know that this is exactly what you are doing yourself. Even if it takes five years for your family to 'see the light', it is well worth showing patience.

    My fears Beroea. are for those who move to quickly rather than take control of their situation.

    On another topic, I will be posting a link today of a works in progress song for mountaineers. Try to get to hear it.

    My best regards to you and your family.


  • Xena

    This is a great thread Hillary, thanks for starting it! lol I am just now making my way out of no man's land myself and have this forum and another to thank for it.

    The information and support I have gotten on here has been a big help not just for myself but in my efforts to help some of my family memebers open their eyes to the REAL "truth". That UN stuff is great and something that I probably never would have found out on my own! I was telling my nephew about it yesterday and I am sure he will filer it to my sister and who knows where it will go from there...

    I know the wheels seem to move slowly, but sometimes we just have to be content with baby steps...

    lol could be a lot worse, we could all still be sitting in a K-Hall with a glazed look on our faces...

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