Why are extraterrestrials pictured in ugly form in movies?

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  • abiather
    No bohm, I will be here as Abiather. I won't change my name. I enjoy all comments--and never distinguish between favorable or unfavorable. Everyone is the offspring of their circumstance, hence I value their comments, and do not take any comments personally.
  • user100
    didnt that avatar movie have some hot aliens?
  • M*A*S*H
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • WTWizard

    They pick the wrong ones to depict. There are extraterrestrials that are attractive, beyond us humans. Satan and His Demons are among them. However, there are ugly ones. The greys, the reptilians, and the draconians are hideously ugly monsters. Greys are the scum that look like so many depicted in movies, and they directly control many of the directors of these movies. The reptilians are nasty looking, and they are nothing but scum that are dedicated to enslaving the human race. Draconians are the scum at the top, and they want things to be as miserable as possible for us. That thing called joke-hova is among the draconians, and yes that thing wants us all enslaved.

    And they use the "political correctness" movement as a blind. You are not allowed to criticize those who the greys and reptilians use to do this--and the reptilians will make sure to discredit and ruin those who try exposing them. Those who belong to the reptilians are not to be criticized by those who do not, because they will be persecuted by their masters. (Who use the likes of the ADL to enforce this.) It is these alpha draconians, the ones at the top, that are orchestrating the whole thing.

    Notably, they also blame Satan for what they themselves are doing.

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