worst site for any Convention

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  • hillbilly

    What do you consider the WORST venues holding Conventions?

    Indoor?, Outdoor?

    My votes go to: #1- The Hollywood (Broward county)Florida "SPORTATORIUM" Why? A metal shed located in a dirt parking lot. Always 90* indoors with "0" restrooms. If (when in S FLA) it rained everyone got stuck in he mud.

    # 2 Freedom Hall , Louisville KY All bench seating (maybe its better now) NO isles- big logjams in the corridors.

    Favorite place---Mid South Collusium( how do you spell that?), Memphis TN----only cause I "grew up" there. Lotas good times with my teenage freinds.

  • KSJordan
    Favorite place---Mid South Collusium( how do you spell that?), Memphis TN----only cause I "grew up" there. Lotas good times with my teenage freinds.

    Is that because it was next to Libertyland? Did you ever sneak over there during the sessions?? I guess those people on the Revolution felt sorry for us while they were having fun and we were being forced to listen to a bunch of boring long-winded talks.

  • teenyuck

    In the Chicago area, the outdoor assembly's were held at Hawthorne race track. I do not know how the JW's got the
    racetrack, in the middle of summer, to hold an assembly. That was really bad. The horse feces did not add to the
    experience. Expecially in July.

    However, worst, in the Chicago area, was an old theater on the south side of Chicago, about 7900 south. If you know
    Chicago, you know that unless you are black or a cop, firefighter, EMT, you do not go to that neighborhood. It was
    awful. Old, smelly, terrible drive.

    Those are my fond [8>] memories.

  • metatron

    Got cha beat, dudes

    Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia

    Heat so intense D.O.'s on stage might pass out(after the audience).
    Show me a district assembly that is more hellish
    than Vets in the summer


  • ashitaka

    I agree, Veterans was hell on earth, one time it was 110 and they didn't stop the convention, people fainting left and right....truly bizzarre.

  • Francois

    Veterans at Philly? Y'all don't know the meaning of miserable until you've done a District Do at Atlanta/Fulton County Stadium in August. "It warn't the heat, Hummon, hit war the humidity." Jesus H. Christ how miserable can you get. The heat index hovering around 120, people passing out right and left. Thunderstorms followed by direct sunshine, you could steam your buns without moving an inch, and all of us did.

    Of course, A/F County Stadium isn't there any more and there's not a snowball's chance I'll ever be at a convention of ANY kind at the Ted.


  • RN

    Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY???? I don't recall us ever going to an assembly there, unless that was the place were we went in 1972.

    Memphis--Mid-South Colisuem was ok, but after about the ten millionith assembly there it got old.

    Worst--Any place outside. Hialeah Race Track comes to mind and Royal Stadium in Kansas City. UGH!!!

  • FormerOne

    As one of those that DID pass out at the convention, I'd have to agree with Veteran's Stadium in Philly being the worst. What's that phrase...hotter than hell? That would be the place!

  • Trilobite

    That's nothing, when we went to assemblies, when we got home after 25 hours of grueling sessions every day, our elders would chop us up into 4 pieces with a rusty breadknife...then mail us out in plastic bags to the 4 corners of the Earth and we had to walk back in time to be at the Volunteers Dept. 3 hours before they posted us out.

    Actually, there was nothing worse than the old Bolton Wanderers Stadium in the UK. On a cold miserable Saturday. A bleak 3/4 mile trek through areas consisting of almost derelict, but lived in, terraced houses followed by the acsencion to the stadium. Peeled wood benches for seats, bitingly cold winds whipping through the stadium, dust and dirt in the air, and the talks to boot. We used to count the minutes from thursday morning. The worst was that hellish call "To the field" which meant 4 hours of going from peeled door to peeled door, in fera of our lives, with nobody home - since they all, man, woman and child were in the clink. Why we feared for our lives I'll never know. Never hardly met a soul.

    You think you had it hard inthe US....nothing was worse than the old Bolton stadium. Now they have a nice new place just off the railway line. The only thing that would come close would be the Cow Palace if it were open air and had no seats.

  • Princess

    Since I grew up in Seattle, I can't even compete in the "worst due to heat" category. We were lucky if it wasn't raining. Which brings me to my all time worst...Tacoma Dome in the rain. Miserable. If it was raining the whole place was wet. Wet coats, wet umbrellas, wet, wet, wet. Yuck! The worst part was, there was no place to go! It is right on I-5 with no restaurants or anything nearby. AWFUL! We thought it was great when it was sunny! Never got hot enough to come even close to passing out, and you could walk around in the sunshine during the break.

    Glad to be done with all that.


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