CNN mentions Jehovah's Witnesses Today

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  • Bridgette

    JT, you do make a good point when you say: "I'M SURE THE legal desk in brooklyn rejoiced when they saw the JW were the only group mentioned on the form-"
    I'm sure this fed their psychotic paranoia to no end. But I still stand by my right to have people at my door ID'd. I do agree with the earlier poster about NOT enforcing Identification when preaching in a public place (I like the idea of airports--you can't step out of the little white square to preach or propagate). You cannot accost people. It's not a person's right to "preach" that I am interested in hindering--if that's how they practice their religion, I could care less. But my right to privacy, and my right to be unmolested (no pun intended) in my own residence, I will protect, and assert that it outweighs anyone's right to preach in my own residence.
    Paranoia: A psychotic disorder marked by delusions of persecution or of grandeur, often strenuously rationalized.
    hmmmmmm.....sound familiar?

  • Tina

    Hi Jt,
    I don't see where this applies to JW's only. Maybe it sounds like that since we are for the most part former JW's,so we usually write with them in mind.
    In my other posts,I mentioned specific groups,individuals other than them. Baptists mormons,who go d-d. Scam artists. No I think there is a slew of groups that need to identify themselves to the unsuspecting public.
    This is not about their freedom to preach. No one is saying they can't. I do think we have the right to KNOW who is at our doors,and on our property. I dont care what religion they are. I am not singling them out. regards,T

    si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

  • nelly136

    definately not singling them out JT, anyone that comes knocking on my door for donations gets asked for ID (part from trick or treaters and I've got a bucket of water for them )

    even kids with sponsor forms from school have to have a checkable phone number on them as far as I'm concerned (had a bunch of kids making a rip roaring profit on a fake sponsor thing recently and their school knew nothing about it)

    the last charity I donated to on my doorstep had... ID badge with registration, I only had some small change but the amount was written
    on a form which I signed and I was given a receipt.
    I'm just wondering why if your average worldly registered charity is quite happy to provide the required documentation on a doorstep why
    the jws are so against it, after all they do get tax exemption being a charity


  • sf

    The docket (00-1737):


    No. 00-1737 Status: GRANTED
    Title: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., et
    al., Petitioners
    Village of Stratton, et al.
    Docketed: Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
    May 21, 2001 (99-4087, 00-3325)

    ~~Date~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    May 18 2001 Petition for writ of certiorari filed. (Response due June 20, 2001)
    Jun 20 2001 Brief of respondents Village of Stratton, Ohio, and John Abdalla in
    opposition filed.
    Jul 3 2001 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of September 24, 2001
    Jul 6 2001 Reply brief of petitioners Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New
    York, Inc., et al. filed.
    Oct 1 2001 REDISTRIBUTED for Conference of October 5, 2001
    Oct 1 2001 Record requested.
    Oct 10 2001 REDISTRIBUTED for Conference of October 12, 2001
    Oct 12 2001 Record filed.
    Oct 15 2001 Petition GRANTED. limited to Question 2 presented by the petition.


    ~~Name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~Phone~~~
    Attorneys for Petitioner:
    Paul D. Polidoro Legal Department 8453061000
    100 Watchtower Drive
    Patterson, NY 12563
    Party name: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., et al.

    Attorneys for Respondent:
    Abraham Cantor Abraham Cantor & Associates 4403547749
    9930 Johnnycake Ridge Road
    Concord, OH 44060
    Party name: Village of Stratton, Ohio, et al.

  • nelly136

    Mormons on my doorstep today
    both were wearing id badges so I asked them about it and they said they couldnt just go knocking on doors without producing id or else the police could ask them to move on , they were both wearing badges and had id card in a wallet with the address and phone number contact places to check, they didnt seem to know if they were a registered charity though...think they'll probably check when they get back heh heh
    anyways I got a free book and theyre coming back tomorrow (poor sods), I told them I didnt know much about them but I'd check their cult rating out of interest anyways, nice lads
    So how come they carry ID and jws dont?

  • Eyebrow

    What I always like about the Mormoms was that they only sent young, good looking boys to the doors....yummy!

  • nelly136

    hehehe eyebrow didnt get that lucky, think I was old enough to be their mum, will ask them about their ranking system tomorrow, both had 'elder' on their badges,

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