Another Elder Suicide?

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  • seek2find

    This post highlights to me why the organazation is so dangerous. It's like the line in the song "Hotel California" "You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave". I guess the elder spoken of opted to "check out" rather than suffer the "never leave" part. I also like to think of it like an animial caught in a trap that has a choice to make. Either Gnaw off it's foot and survive (Get disfellowshipped), crippled or remain trapped and suffer eventual death. (By denying consceince and logical reasoning). Neither option is a good one. The situation is worse the longer you've been in. So sorry to hear of another loss. seek2find

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Isnt happiness supposed to "be a journey" and not a destination? The realization that the destination isnt there is too much to bear, its the only thing that has kept them going on in this "wicked world" for as long as they have and its gone.

    This rang my bell for a considerable time when finally learning the 'truth' about the 'truth'. Purpose in life is not a concept that Jw's accept - it is only future purpose in life that holds attention for them. When that future is disolved like fog under the heat of the sun, all looks pretty bleak to many I fear.

    Sorry to hear of this - and of the pain it may be causing you at this time.


  • greendawn

    Clearly there is a very dark and sinister side to the WTS that caused many a JW or ex JW to commit suicide, certainly not the loving organisation they present it to be. It's negative God image and the lack of real love among the "brotherhood" seem to be the main reasons that create depression among them.

  • besty

    I know of one young brother who had graduated from the MTS but due to physical illness (ME) he was reassigned to his home congregation.

    After struggling with his circumstances for some time and having relatively low quality of life he took an opportunity to throw himself under a truck.

    He was at least 3rd possibly 4th generation Witness in a family of high-achieving high profile Witnesses and the pressure to perform and feelings of wotthlessness must have been too much for him. Nice lad he was too.

    From reading it appears men are about 3 times more likely than women to commit suicide (in the UK at least)

    It would be interesting to know if JW's and ex-JW's deviate from the expected rate in this regard.

  • Gerard

    This quote has helped me significantly:

    "Life is not a problem to solve but an adventure to explore".

    Hang in there. Take your confidence and RIDE IT; It will amaze you how well it will grow.

  • kwr

    That is sad to hear about. Depression has treatments these days and people should be encouraged to seek treatment.

  • still_in74
    I don't know if you took ofense on my comment of this brother as having a mental illness but

    no i didnt take offense or was I implying anything, Your comment just caused me to connect to this thought. So many times, whenever someone "spritiually strong" leaves the truth/becomes inactive/commits suicide, its almost taboo to admit or even suggest that they have doubts about the "truth". Typically any of those actions indicates that doubt exists otherwise they would be so happy all the time none of these would ever happen!

    Thus to "not" say they have a "mental problem" would be tantamount to saying they doubt its "the truth"

  • sammielee24

    did you ever notice that anytime a JW commits suicide they are ALWAYS labeled as having a "mental illness"?

    I thought the same thing immediately. If an elder tries to step down - he has to be depressed. If someone misses field service - well, he might be depressed. If one of the sisters or brothers suddenly leaves their mates - well they are mentally ill. Let's face it - witnesses can't accept that a person would do anything against Jehovah aka against them or the WTS, therefore, it MUST be a mental illness.

    That isn't to say that anyone who tries to commit themselves isn't ill in some way because isn't hopelessness, despair, sadness, all as much a part of what drives a person to commit many an act of suicide? It's rare that you will find a 'balanced' person, killing themselves.

    Let's see - there's one sister I know, wife of an Elder, who has tried to commit suicde 2x now and in fact, it is accepted that she will likely die that way - everyones waiting. It has to be kept secret though from the congregation because it would bring dishonor upon the Elder so only those 'in the know' understand. Then there is the Elder who stepped down for a year - he was messed up - started the car and asphyxiated himself - he understood that his entire life had been a lie. He had shunned most of his kids for being df'd by then and could endure no more. Then there is the Elder who lived with the abusive wife for most years and who simply wanted a divorce without having to commit adultery to get one. As he lay sobbing and writhing on the floor, a total nutjob after years of constant struggle, her and the family response - too bad, let's commit you to the psych ward and get some drugs for you. Funny thing - after that brother did leave, his health improved and every drug he was taking for every physical and emotional reason, was gone within a year. The society destroys people every way it can and it trains it's members well. sammieswife.

  • Rooster

    I have killed myself a thousand times only to awake every morning in my bed with the alarm clock ringing in my ear.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    still_in74 said:

    did you ever notice that anytime a JW commits suicide they are ALWAYS labeled as having a "mental illness"?

    Unfortunately, it is TRUE that the majority of those committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide. Consider this:

    "More than 90 percent of people who kill themselves have a diagnosable mental disorder, most commonly a depressive disorder or a substance abuse disorder."

    UNLIKE the Borg publications, I have a verifiable reference for the above quote: Conwell Y, Brent D. Suicide and aging I: patterns of psychiatric diagnosis. International Psychogeriatrics , 1995; 7(2): 149-64. This info came from the National Institute of Mental Health, a US government web site.

    I said that just to clarify that it is most likely true that they are mentally ill. I WILL AGREE, still_in74, THAT IT IS THE BORG AND ITS PSCYHOLOGICAL DEALINGS THAT MAKES SUCH PEOPLE HAVE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES and drive them to that point.

    WTBTS policies are mentally abusive, leading to mental illness, sometimes leading to suicide.

    SnakesInTheTower (of the "shaking the mental cobwebs from his head" Sheep Class)

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