Another Elder Suicide?

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  • still_in74

    well it looks like a southern ontario Elder just took his own life. I cant go into details as we live in a very small world in "the truth" and even the smallest amount of detail on this one could quickly connect this to me, so for now its on the D-Low.

    It is a relative of a very close friend and he is godsmacked by it. He said to me, " we sure seem to be seeing more of this lately arent we?"

    What could I say? We both know of a "hush-hush" suicide only a few weeks ago. The tone of his voice was almost leading to something, he has made some subtle comments in the past and I wonder if he is having the same feelings I am having. I cautioned him that I have some feelings on that subject but that I dont share them as I could get into trouble, but we are going to get together and I think I am going to have my first conversation with a friend about what I am going through. (except for you all on JWD of course!)

    I know a family member of a former longtime elder/CO that in one year left his wife and had an affair, got DF'd and killed himself. This was only a few years ago. How does one cope with the thought that they have either 1) condemned themselves to no resurection or 2) spent their entire life living a lie? Although I would never contemplate suicide, the feelings I live with everyday have me so down that if I didnt wake up tomorrow at least this pain would go away. But this isnt about me, its about more Witnesses waiting for happiness that will never come and hating the journey. Isnt happiness supposed to "be a journey" and not a destination? The realization that the destination isnt there is too much to bear, its the only thing that has kept them going on in this "wicked world" for as long as they have and its gone.

  • Highlander

    Suicide is my biggest worry when it comes to the j-dubs. I know that many here have admitted to suicidal thoughts when they realized the j-dubs are a mind control cult.

    I can only imagine how many j-dubs may committ suicide if this organization were to ever fall.

  • LongHairGal


    This is tragic.

    I wonder if these suicides are a combination of the fact that the person found out about all the deception in the religion; couldn't deal with the fact they wasted precious years; don't know how/if they should start all over and to top it all off maybe they suffer from clinical depression. Very very sad.

    You also have a point about them waiting for happiness. You just cannot squander time waiting for happiness at some unknown future date while you let your life pass by leading a sterile existence. This does not promote mental health.


  • misanthropic

    That's very sad. That religion can have an impact like this on anyone makes me sick to my stomache- Too many peoples lives are affected by B.S.

  • Warlock

    Besides "the shunned ones", does anyone in the Org. ever ask "Why?".

    I've know of a few who have killed themselves and a few more who have had serious thoughts of doing it.


  • ex-nj-jw

    It's so sad when someone feels so desperate that they take their own life. Who knows what else he was dealing with in his personal life.

    Any life lost is horrible.


  • flipper

    Still in 74- Mr. Flipper here. You are among true friends here. No need to fear. I was born and raised in the cult, got out by fading 4 years ago, but was still harassed the last year by being falslely accused of something I didn't do by elders. But still everyday when I wake up, a new day of sunshine awaits me, a new day of real living and positive thoughts each day !. Ya know what keeps me going? Appreciating the here and now and not living in the past and future. Really feeling, experiencing life as it happens, letting those experiences make me turn water into wine, lemons into lemonade, whatever positive thoughts are out there. I'm so sorry this has happened to people you know, you have our condolences. Still in 74 there is a nice real world with nice real, not fake people waiting for you on the outside of the cold controlling cult. People who will not tell you how to feel or control your reactions to things, but assist you to enhance your own good things daily valuing what you do have in life that's good. I have a wonderful 22 year old son(fading) a great nonbelieving wife who make every day of my life worth waking up to. Their humor, love, support, and honesty make everday a good adventure. Remember it's the seemingly little things in life that are the most important. Not things that are fantasies which will never happen. (Armageddon, etc.) So my friend love life, you are valuable to everyonre here, and God up on high, or whatever you choose to call him. Peace to you, Mr. Flipper

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I am actually shocked that there is not more of them, think about how R&F JW's are under just so much stress, I really do feel sorry for some of them, expecting that the world is going to end, nearly impossible to follow what everyone thinks they should do, normal trials of life are hard enough but when you add the other JW crap. geesh

  • truthsearcher

    This is very sad to hear, and I feel for the family. I don't know how much comfort they will receive from the Witnesses, but I hope that you will get a chance to reach out to them.

    I have wondered if the belief that there is nothing after death but a possible resurrection by Jehovah makes suicide a more palatable option for Witnesses? I sense that this religion of works and high pressure leads to depression and dispondancy. They do not have the true hope and comfort that comes from a relationship with Jesus and "knowing" that they have everlasting life, as 1 John says.

    I hope that the family will be able to find strength from Scripture and the loving support of their friends.

  • Hortensia

    there is a great deal of depression in the org. Impossible standards, constant surveillance, never doing enough, never being good enough. I am so sorry for the one who are suffering like that because they are taking it all seriously. I faded due to being seriously depressed and literally giving up any hope. Then I saw a bumper sticker that said "since I gave up hope I feel better" and although it made me laugh, it also made me think. I DO feel better and so will you!

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