Favorite Activity Since Leaving The Borg

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  • RR


    There are so many things I do now that I couldn't do then. Like the "R" movies. I feel like such a bad boy. [;0] Now I can go to clubs and drink, listen to a live band and DANCE. Woooo Hoooo!!!
    Holidays? Driving over the speed limit? Buying a sports car without 4 doors?

    LOL ....I did all those things while IN

    Religion is man's attempt to reach God,
    Jesus is God's attempt to reach man.

  • RR

    ACtually, my life hasn't chnage much since I left the Borg. I still go to Church twice a week. Have a Bible Study in my home.

    I guess one of my loves is writing, I love to write, and am working on my second book, it's been delayed, but hoping to have it finished by summer 2002, all 900 pages.

    Religion is man's attempt to reach God,
    Jesus is God's attempt to reach man.

  • SixofNine
    "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose..." one of the few things Janis got wrong...

    That is funny Dana, I made that exact observation myself in the recent past.

  • Tatiana

    Tim said....

    Just the other day I thought I was going to have a heart attack and I remember thinking "what a way to go!

    Lucky Xena!


    "Love never dies." Voivodul Vlad Draculea (from Bram Stoker's Dracula-1992)

  • Xena

    Lucky Xena nothing...lucky TIM!

  • safe4kids

    Really six? In what context, if you don't mind me asking...

    I appreciate ALL of my freedoms now, much more than when i was a dub...got lots more to lose now too!


    "...I'd walk with my people if I could find them..."

    Third Eye Blind, Deep Inside of You

  • Cotton Tail
    Cotton Tail

    I collect posters of Smurfs, hang them all over my house and wait for them to talk to me! Just Kidding...I spend my time enjoying today and not worrying about tomorrow, or at least trying not to worry!

  • tdogg

    YES! Flag football! Momma says foosball is the devil but I play anyway. I love to play football and it was so painful not to be able to play when I was in school. I played as much as could in the neighborhood and now I play just about every week. Have played league football and I love it. Its fun to go out and play against people who have played in organized sports and still be competitive even though I didnt get to play when I was younger.

  • rhett

    Collecting meteorites. I can finally begin to understand where we came from (as in how this world was formed). That and the fact that when you're holding a meteorite, you really do have a piece of a new world in your hand. I also am rather fond of fossils because that shows how we have evolved over millions of years. So amazing not having to learn everything from those incredibly WRONG articles in the Awakes. Not only that but I've actually made quite a bit of money reselling meteorites also. I know its a shamelss plug but check out my site at www.asteroidmodels.com. Even though I'm an amature I've even been able to make a couple discoveries that ended up in scientific journals. Not bad for someone who never even took a geology or astronomy class when a JW!!!
    My wife was never a cult member herself and didn't really believe me when I told her about how my family would react to things that went against their belief system. One day we were over at my parents' house and my sister was there too. I had gotten some new meteorites in and I was going to explain why scientists know that a meteorite killed the dinosaurs. As soon as I said that everyone in there just stopped and stared coldly at me. You would've thought I just told them that I was leaving my wife for another man because that's what the shaman said and we were then going to set their house on fire. After a few very tense moments my sister looked at me coldly and just said "The flood killed the dinosaurs!" Ever since then my wife knows how screwed up my family is.

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    It's ALL good after leaving the Borg...heck even takin a poop is better without thinkin Gawd is watchin.

    I love watching raunchy comedy and having sex with my boy genius hubby (sometimes at the same time) and I enjoy smoking herb when I can.

    Seriously, the most enjoyment I have is in watching my youngest son do simple things I was forbidden, like playing an instrument in school band, being elected to Student Council (way to go Little D!) and raising money for his school's special projects. My favorite activity is watching him blossom without any cult fear or guilt. What a rush!

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