Blow Out

by LittleToe 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • LittleToe

    What's the most impressive way you've seen someone DA themselves?
    Alternatively, if you had your time again, how would you have done it?

    (Not that I'm inciting to riot, officer, honest!)

  • Fredhall

    By being a total ass.

  • openminded

    I never saw it done but I thought it would be great if someone got up on stage like he is ready to give a part, looked out at the audience-cracked a smile and simply say "this is a bunch of sh*t" and then walk straight out the door.

  • Naeblis

    2 guys got into a fight at one of my assemblies. It turns out that they were BOTH Witnesss drug dealers fighting over turf. True story. I couldn't make this shit up. (ok maybe I could. but there would be a monkey in it somewhere)

  • Grout

    Darn, I almost want to join a Ministry School just so I could do the Trojan Talk.

    Next best thing: Show up for a WT Study and give a comment that tells the truth.

  • Englishman

    Me me me me me!

    Went to a District assembly in Portsmouth, sat in the seats at the front, waited until the branch servant Wilf Gooch was reading out the years figures (yawn), walked across the pitch during his talk with my recently disfellowshipped best pal who was smoking a cigarette.

    Style, huh?


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • jayhawk1

    Naeblis, perhaps the monkey was the one looking to buy, thereby starting the fight between the two drug dealers.

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • Stealth

    Openminded: I like your idea, but taken up a notch.

    When it's time to give your next talk on the TM school. After getting up on stage, turn around, drop trou. and moon the congregation.

    With the words, "WTBTS SUCKS" on you ass.

  • LittleToe

    Just want to comment the Fred was REAL quick to post a reply.

    Fred: Were you using a pseudonymn in "Chat" last night?


  • Pubsinger

    You NEVER did that did you ENGLISHMAN? REALLY!!

    Hi LittleToe! Planning something?!

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