WTBS Canada received almost $9 million from cong. donations in 2013

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  • label licker
    label licker

    Wow! How can Ken Little be president when three or four years ago he almost walked right off the platform and lost a lot of his lines. We had heard his mind was no longer valuable to the society. It wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't one of the very many older couples that they had recently been let go from bethel at this last zone visit which was approx a month ago. There were quite a few of them and all elderly let go. I'm pretty sure it's Rod Jung that took his place. I could be wrong.

    I am also noticing that my old hall isn't on the list yet the money they donated went to a hall which has claimed money as gifts. But then that hall said they didn't need it and the money came back supposedly. All very confusing. The gift money was suppose to be donated for their reno.

  • joe134cd
    With out a doubt watchtower has got some financial issues and the sex abuse payout is only making the situation worse
  • Richard_I

    @label licker: Ken Little is supposed to step down as Branch Coordinator when he turns 80, which I think occurs this year. Supposedly it's a new rule, once you reach 80 you have to step down, but I seriously doubt he will leave bethel, he's been there since the 1950s, he's got a nice "double" room that only the top seniority get. I wouldn't be surprised if Rod Jung is moved up, he's a good public speaker and seemed pretty chill based on the few times I talked to him and his parts at assemblies I attended, and I think he's in his 50's now. I forget what department he works in though. The rest of the guys on the branch committee are in their mid 60's to mid 70's too.

    I thought Clayton Hanson was the treasurer, so I was surprised to not see him listed at all.

  • wannaexit
    @Richard_I do you know if David Walker holds any prominent position up at the Canadian house?
  • Listener

    Tax receipted donations

    Who rights out these tax receipts and who are they given to?

  • Magnum
    I'd like to know more about the United Way thing. As a JW, I used to hide the fact that I donated to The Humane Society because I heard so much negative JW talk about donating to charities. And now they're taking money from charities? Really?
  • Magnum
    Listener, the only thing I'm aware of is that the congregation (or maybe the accounting or chairman's department at conventions and assemblies) will give receipts for donations of $250 or more (or somewhere in that ballpark) to those who want to use the donations as tax deductions on their personal taxes. I don't think it affects the org one way or the other - just the individuals who want tax write-offs.
  • Scully


    united way of greater Toronto gave the branch $14909 last year?

    When I was employed at an organization that participated in the United Way's donation campaigns, I was given a form that allowed me to identify a charitable organization of my choosing to which my donations would be directed - any Canadian charitable organization qualified.

    Funny how the WTS has no qualms about taking money from an organization like United Way. They certainly discourage JWs from donating to them. I suppose they object to these organizations taking a cut toward administration of the funds before it gets to them.

  • berrygerry

    There are at least 6 United Way's that donated.

    Very ironic.

    It was brought out many times not to donate to them, as they funded abortion clinics, etc.

    Nov 22, 1978 Awake!

    Charity for Homosexuals
    ◆ “For the first time in its long history,” reports California’s San Francisco Chronicle, “the United Way (formerly United Crusade, formerly Community Chest) is funding a homosexual group; $30,000 [U.S.] to Pacific Center for Human Growth in Berkeley.” No doubt contributors will be interested to know how their money is being used.

    June 8, 1980 Awake!

    Unholy Alliance
    ◆ The National Catholic Reporter has revealed a previously unknown agreement between the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Philadelphia and the fund-raising charity United Way. It told of an unpublicized pact in 1975 between Cardinal John Krol and the then president of United Way in which United Way agreed not to give financial aid to any program or service that contradicted the “moral principles of the Catholic church.” This amounted to Church veto power over publicly collected funds. The agreement came to light when a women’s group was denied aid from United Way because of providing birth-control counseling.

    There was a subsequent "Letter From Reader" - Catholic unhappy with the headline "Unholy Alliance"

  • stuckinamovement
    love the net loss that they had in the amount of 16 mil.

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