Help!! I am extremely confused.

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  • willy_think
    has any other religion made as many predictions as the WTS? Or has any other religion made predictions at all?

    many do or did.
    the whip and the carrot
    one use cults make of predictions is to focus or make more tangible the end time or the "whip". this if it appears to be right around the corner is a great tool to control. the "carrot" is ever lasting life, but only if you are in good stading ofcourse.

  • blondie

    Leander, as it was explained to me, no one knows the "day or hour" doesn't mean that JWs can't know the year. Of course that wasn't from the WTS publications but it shows the silly thinking people have to explain the WTS jumping the gun so often.

  • Yerusalyim


    I can only wish you well on your journey. I think it is the emotional pain rather than any doctrinal issues, that really have you concerned. As I've never been a JW I can't much help you on the transition out emotionally. My caution is, try not to lose faith in God while leaving the Borg.

    I can say that the Catholic Church alone, the Baptist Church Alone, and many other denominations are doing FAR MORE missionary work than the Society has done. We combine it with Charity, something SORELY lacking in the society.

    Good Luck. It's a great journey.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • You Know
    You Know
    Through various publications the society time and time again have referred to themselves as God's prophetic organization or mouthpiece, but time and time again this spirit-directed organization has made numerous predictions (or if you don't like the word prediction, strong emphasis) on different dates.

    I am afraid that the lessons of the apostles are somehow lost upon you. The question you need to answer for yourself is this: Did the spirit directed apostles also similarly suffer from premature expectations and disappointments? Before you answer that, read the last chapter of the gospel of John. Also reflect more deeply upon why it was that Jehovah concealed certain things from the apostles. / You Know

  • NameWithheld

    More typical blah blah blah blather from You Dont Know Shit.

    Here's the long and short of it, according to Booby wack job you know, the org has 'run ahead' of itself all those times in the past when they got things wrong. They were trying to interpret prophesy before 'it was time for god to reveal it' or some such bunk.

    So I submit then that until god himself comes down and says "OK boys, you've finally got it right" I am going to assume that the wackos in Crooklyn are STILL just doing WAGs - Wild Ass Guesses. Why would what they are teaching as 'truth' right now be any different that that old 'truth' from a few years ago. We KNOW that today's 'truth' is tomorrow's 'old light'.

    Nice try Booby, but you're still a wack job. O, by the way, I haven't seen the 'present finacial system' crash yet ... still waiting. The gal's at hope it's soon, they want to get busy taking over that evil apostates house - just as soon as the 6 billion rotting corpses are cleaned up ...

  • willy_think
    : Did the spirit directed apostles also similarly suffer from premature expectations and disappointments? Before you answer that, read the last chapter of the gospel of John.

    you know. what prenature expectations are you on about?

    maybe what you might ask is: did the apostles also similarly give dates, to there folcks, that came and went without incident?
    did the early christian writers teach the WT docterine? it's not like you can't read there works and see.

  • barry

    Dear Leander,
    Thought you might like an opinion from Babylon the great about the 1914 doctrine because im a SDA and that is just a recycled SDA doctrine.
    I studied with the JWs for about 6mths and learnt about it and I reconized straight away. The SDA doctrine is based on Daniel chapter 8 but many principles are the same, the year day principle even though the word year is not mentioned in daniel 8 or daniel 4, both religions beleived christ would come bodily at the time for the SDAs is 1844, when the prophesy wasnt occure both religions altered the event the SDAs inventing the Investigative Judgement, the SDAs refering to Revelation where the little book was eaten and it is sweet in the mouth but bitter in the belly, also Charles Taze Russell had contact with second Adventists and predictions were made for Christs comming in 1874 so there is quite a history to it all.
    Adventists have this doctrine as one of there fundamental beleifs but members ,pasters and theologins dont agree with it because they dont beleive 1844 can be found in the bible with normal accepted methods of interpretation and the church is divided so its not a small thing. I can give you a link that will have information to show the point of view of the Evangicals in the church and you will find some points can be used for 1914 or you could email me [email protected] The traditional SDAs I would consider a Cult just like the JWs.

  • logical

    You Know,

    what is God's word?

    Hint: John 1:1, 14; Revelation 19:13

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    There have been many good suggestions made here and there isn't a whole lot I can add. I would like to say that most of us have been where you are at right now.
    One thing that was of immeasurable help to me was cutting back on all the requirements the Society puts upon you. You are just so very busy all the time that it seems you have little time to think for yourself and analyze things. When I had more time on my hands things became much clearer to me.
    I can't really suggest exactly what you should do, but I became less regular at the meetings and field service. That extra time (I also was not reading the publications voraciously) afforded me time to analyze my true feelings and be able to put things together in my head that had been floating around for many years. Only you can decide what is best for you as a person. But having enough time to really take care of yourself is extremely important IMO. Being that you are a MS and probably a family man your time is at a premium. So take the time and measures you need to figure it out.
    I also would suggest reading Crises of Conscience. I was very wary of reading "apostate" material, but it helped me a lot. It certainly wasn't what I expected. It was a very kind and loving muse of an older gentleman who still very strongly believes in the Bible and is currently pursueing that. He had valid questions about the Bible and Bible prophecies and diligently studies.
    Give it some thought. And do what is best for you!!

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