I want a hut and a rock for a washing board. Mrs. Grizzly Adams...

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Oh Sparkplug!!

    Sorry to laugh at your troubles!! I too have had those days where everything that can go wrong does, and you just have to have a good cry!!

    I'll share a top story with you. I had to go for a group interview for my Employment Insurance last year. There were about 20 of us in the room. I was running late and grabbed a white shirt from my closet. When I was doing up the buttons it seemed strange, but I was rushing. Went to the interview, sat in this room with the 20 other people, went out to lunch with my mom. She came back to my house for a visit and I was sitting on the chair talking to her. I turned my head to look over my shoulder and noticed my top. I had it on INSIDE OUT!! Here I was for most of the day wearing my shirt inside out!! Thankfully my hair is long enough to cover the tag!! Or there was the time I could't decide what to wear to work. I had first decided on a black top - so naturally put on a black bra. Took that off and tried on a few other tops, finally deciding on a white blouse. Only thing is I forgot to change my bra!! Got to work and took off my coat and hung it up. The closet doors are mirrors. I took one look in the mirror and gasp!! White blouse - black bra!! Grabbed my coat and told my boss I had to run home would be back in a few! I've seen people do that (black bra, white top), but not exactly proper attire in my office!! lol

    And washers!! I went through several used ones until we finally broke down and bought a new one. I was tired of having the darn things break down by not draining the water. I can't tell you how many times I had to wring out soaking wet clothes and haul them down the street to the laundrymat!!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Sparky!

    So very sorry! I would have broken down far sooner than you. Or your car. And here I was going to compare notes with you on laundry techniques! I do almost all my laundry in the bathtub with an old-fashioned scrub board and drape it to dry over deck chairs outside. Sometimes I even do bed sheets and towels in the tub and hang them over long rods perched over the tub. But since that really is not the point of telling your wild escapade, I'll just save it for another time!
    I REALLY am sorry for all your grief. I'm glad you're laughing now. You are laughing now, aren't you?


  • tim hooper
    tim hooper


    Like the others I really hate to laugh at your woes, but dammit woman, you are just so incredibly funny!

    When the day comes that your life eventually settles down to some sort of normality, how long do you think it will be before you get bored? A week? A month?

    I have this hunch that you secretly thrive on trouble and drama..........


  • misanthropic

    Oh Sparkplug, you have such a way with words..lol
    I did laugh about the shirt you had on and the fact that it seemed to come in handy. As frustrating as it probably seemed to be going through all that, I'm sure you'll be laughing about it oneday. But I have to say, you seem to be having lots of bad luck lately. Here's to better luck coming your way

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    *chuckle* I sympathize with your pain, I've had days like that...and you're one funny lady. Incidentally, when your dryer is on the fritz, and hanging clothes outside isn't an option, I've found that hanging clothes on hangers beneath the air vents overnight works, if the AC is running. You just stick the hook(s) of the hanger(s) in the grillwork of the vent, if need be you can then hang a lot of other hangers off the first one to dry more clothes with some spacing between them, so the air flows around them all. Most apartments and houses with central air will have 2 vents per room in the ceiling, so you just utilize every vent if you need to do a lot of clothes. Hell, in a pinch I've worn clothes I wanted washed into the shower...

    AATW, of the "I leared to improvise, adapt, and overcome in the Marines" class.

  • Crumpet

    Does I love you make sense right now!

  • erandir
    Mother of a goat sucker.

    Ah HA! Yet another Chupacabra sighting! I knew it existed! I knew it!

  • acadian

    Welcome to my world ! Can we get pic's of you on your ride? lol Acadian

  • ex-nj-jw

    Sparkey - Can anything else go wrong??????

    I hope you are having a better day today, and have a good weekend. I am LMAO at your expense, but I just couldn't help it. The T-Shirt is the funniest!!!


  • Sparkplug

    Oh Bumblebee. You made me laugh so hard. I went to breakfast the other day with my shirt inside out so your story held a special giggle for me. And the black bra and white top. lol funny. (I share your pain, I have worn 2 different shoes to work. I think I was seeing which looked better and just forgot. hehehe. It is so good to see others do this mess.

    Hey COCO! Towanda! ~ I have washed so many clothes in my life in a tub. I wish my world were one that I could stay home and do them as such. I do enjoy line hung clothes. I even had just said that is what I was going to do, but Texas weather has been so wet as of late. It really sucks. lol

    Oh Timbo~ I pray for boredome really. I hate drama and this mess. Truly. I guess I am just built to make it through it. Laughter helps. I could not make this crap up I tell you. I pray to be bored. I would love just a year at least of quiet just lesiure. I would love it. Truly. And I am so happy you laughed with me. That was the point of this rant. Just laugh through it all. What else can I do aside from break?

    ~ I raise my aching head this morning to less funny days! Good morning lovely girl...I miss seeing you as much! I hope you are having fun.

    AATW, of the "I leared to improvise, adapt, and overcome in the Marines" class.

    ~ I have always thought I needed to be a surviver. I so could kick but on a tropical isle."AATW, of the "I leared to improvise, adapt, and overcome in the Marines" class." I think moms and marines are just about the same. lol Great at all the above! And line drying. Just my cup of tea. But as above, it has only rained....and rained and rained and there is too much in this old house to dry now. lol I actually bought this older home with the vents at the baseboards. And seeing it is hot and rainy, well it would make it pretty damn hot in here if I turned it up to dry, or freaking cold. anyhow, TXU would have a hayday on my electric bill. They have already molested and raped all of my neighbors and myself. They really suck. I bet as soon as I get this all fixed, the sun comes out. It is supposed to be Tuesday. But today...I am going to shower and start the improvisation!!

    Cumpet~ I love you makes about the only sense right now!!

    Mother of a goat sucker.
    Ah HA! Yet another Chupacabra sighting! I knew it existed! I knew it!

    lol very funny! Quick wit!

    Acadian~ Your world always looks like this love filled creative world. I would love to join it! And I thought about a pic of me on my ride...but it was raininf soooo hard when I got home! but it was a funny site! That I can say!

    OH J-EX-W! Don't say that. I found that just test my bad luck theory thing I have going and just to prove it....it always does. Quick throw a live chicken over your shoulder.

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