Hi! Anyone posting from the South FL area?

by Cotton Tail 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • muslima

    Hi Karma and welcome! I don't know anyone here except people that I work with - have only been in S. Florida for 3 years - DA 6 years ago - but that was in Michigan. I understand and agree with your stance of being "spiritual" - not associated with any organized religion. I am a Muslim convert - obviously - but I converted based strictly on the 2 shahadahs (truths) -- There is no God but God - and that Mohammed is a prophet - equal footing with Jesus and all the other prophets. After that I argue about most everything -- but my spirituality always remains the same. Welcome to the board. I don't post much -- but read every work day. There are many alternative ideas here - things to ponder over - and many things that one can relate to -- having "been there" before that others may not. :o)

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