Help! Raccoons!

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  • expatbrit

    I dunno what a rac-dog pup would look like, but now I'm seriously worried about this guy:

    Thanks for all the evil ideas, ladies and gents. Let war commence!


  • sweetone2377

    Get a can with a really tight locking lid, coons are quite smart so they can get the cheapy ones open. We have problems with coons all summer long and I live in a Mobile Home Park in the middle of corn fields! Lot of trash I suppose is what brings them in. But we keep our cans locked in the shed. Growing up, we had a building (well an oversized dog house) on "stilts". We had just a simple bent nail above the door and the door swung downwards to open it. The bent nail kept it closed. That is what we called the "garbage bin." (In the south it's garbage, at least where I came from). Nothing could get in there, not even the neighbor's 35 wild cats!

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  • safe4kids


    Your comment with the accompanying pic above made me laugh so hard I snorted!! But, um, was a ladylike snort!

    I think I'd give the moth ball idea a try...yer neighbors might look atcha funny, but then...don't they already?

    Dana (who is also of the loves furry things class...the bigger and furrier, the better!)

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  • WildHorses

    I love Raccoons! I lived with my mom for a while before I moved in here. She lives in the country, and at night the Raccoons would come up on the back deck to eat along with the cats. Sometimes the babies would come up and I would open the french doors and lay on the floor and put cat food in my hand. They would nervously come up and eat out of my hand. I miss it.

  • think41self

    Hey Expat,

    We've been feeding quite a few of them for months now, we also feed them cheap dry cat food. They are so cute to watch...especially when the mom brings her little babies up. One of our cats, who is named "Sweetie" takes it into her head at odd times to rush them, hissing and spitting...then she stalks away with her tail up high. I swear she is proud of herself.

    We put bungee cords over the tops of the garbage to keep them out. So far, they haven't figured out a way to undo those!


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