What Was It Like To Grow Up A Jehovah’s Witness?

by The wanderer 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • crazyblondeb

    Like it as already been mentioned, it was worse than hell. It was like looking thru a window, wanting that scoop of ice cream, that another child had.

    For me, I had to go from being a child to acting like an adult in 3.2 seconds. My mom was unable to handle the burden of coping with 5 kids. So from when I can remember, I had to step in and play mom to 4 younger siblings.

  • BFD

    It was a difficult way to grow up. I remember being embarrased to admit I was a JW. Of course, going to public school and being prohibited from participating in any holiday activities/celebrations and standing out NOT saying the pledge, etc. It was hard. Also, I was so unnerved that my schoolmates would see me out in service on Saturdays if I happened to be working in their nieghborhood.

    I did not feel very "normal" growing up and I did not feel "special" either. I hated my mom's split personality. All smiles at the KH and a real witch at home. Not very spiritual at all. But we're all imperfect, right?


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