More Anthrax THREAT- nearby town AGAIN!!!

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  • MrMoe

    Well - smarty pants- the so called Anthrax was delivered via courier - please read the post more closely.

  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly

    rumor or hoax?

  • Hojon
    I never said it WAS Anthrax - it is an ANTHRAX threat. I said it may be a hoax - but none-the-less, the white powdery substance has been publiced here as Anthrax.

    Actually yes you did say it was Anthrax- the subject is More Anthrax - nearby town AGAIN!!!.. If the subject had been "More Anthrax threats" then it would have been clearer. But it didn't say that, the subject makes the inference that it was in fact Anthrax.

  • Kent

    Well, MrMoe, it's called "Freedom Of Religion". You see, these fellows do have a religious leader who tells them God wants them to kill Americans - and I can't see no reason for denying them their right to practice their religion.

    If anyone wants to restrict THEIR religion, they should take a look at all the crazy bastards calling themselves Christians, or what ever as well.

    Freedom of Religion should be the same for anyone - Muslims included. And - if anyone feels this can't be accepted - we do agree we can't have absolute freedom of any religion.

    In fact, religion should be forbidden - and anyone calling themselves religious should be shot! (And NOT only the ones believing like Bin Laden)

    Yakki Da


    I need more BOE letters, KMs and other material. Those who can send it to me - please do! The new section will be interesting!!

    Daily News On The Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses:

  • Brutus


    Apparent hoax causes biohazard scare in Florida
    Updated 10/09/01: Thirteen Floridians, including five firefighters, went to the hospital for observation on Sunday after two Hialeah families in the same neighborhood found "mysterious envelopes" containing a white powder in their mailboxes. It was feared the unknown substance might be part of a bioterrorist assault, but authorities said on Monday that a laboratory analysis revealed the powder to be harmless.

    False email rumors about a virus or other "lethal substance" arriving at people's homes in the mail have circulated widely during the past few weeks, contributing to a climate of fear leading up to these false alarms. Authorities took no chances, however, cordoning off the block surrounding one of the Hialeah residences and sending in a specially-equipped hazardous materials team to retrieve the mysterious parcel.

    A few of the people who came in contact with the powder in Hialeah reported a burning sensation in their throats and difficulty breathing and were diagnosed with low-grade fevers. "There were some effects, but not long-lasting," fire official Lt. Stanley Stark told the Miami Herald. Those evincing symptoms were treated with antibiotics and released after observation.

    "That's a sick mind that would want to play that kind of hoax, if that's what it is," said Lt. Stark. Officials urged residents not to panic but said they should report any suspicious packages or envelopes to authorities before opening them.

    Similar incidents involving an unknown white powder delivered by mail have been reported in other Florida cities, as well as at the office of Congressman Bob Brady of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Investigations are underway, but so far no biohazardous materials have been found in any of the cases.

    Meanwhile, news sources report that investigators trying to track down the origin of the anthrax bacteria that killed a newspaper employee in Boca Raton are following up on reports that a letter received at the paper's offices shortly before the man came down with the disease contained a white powder similar to that described in the Hialeah false alarms. Authorities are now fairly certain the infection was the result of foul play but have not yet ascertained how the bacteria arrived at the location. According to an Associated Press story citing an anonymous law enforcement source, the FBI does not believe the letter to be a likely source of the bacteria.

    In a separate incident labeled a probable hoax by authorities, a mail carrier in Lincoln, Nebraska discovered a suspicious package labeled "ANTHRAX" in a drop box last Wednesday. The FBI is investigating.

  • nytelecom1


    foreskin smegma

  • MrMoe

    Hialeah is really far away from where I live - it's near Miami.

  • Brutus

    Despite what you may have read in your email or heard through the office grapevine, terrorists have not launched a biological attack on U.S. citizens via parcel post. Urgent warnings about a deadly virus, poison or other "lethal substance" being mailed out randomly in blue packages marked "Just for You" are merely new variants of a year-old Internet hoax.

    Originally known as the "Klingerman Virus," the hoax itself has behaved in a "viral" manner of late, mutating to adapt to new circumstances and ensuring its own survival. In the weeks since the September 11 terrorist attacks, amid lingering fears of further assaults and official warnings of the possibility of biological warfare, the original text has found its way back into circulation alongside a virtually identical alert describing a "Kinderman Virus," plus variations ranging from envelopes containing a chemical that kills instantly when sniffed, blank sheets of paper that cause a rash followed by a coma and mailings decorated with American flags that contain a "powdery substance" contaminated with Anthrax.

  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly

    Thanks Brutus.. is an unworthy news source
    that continues the spread of rumor and

    Mr. Moe,

    I suggest you go to for the real news.

  • MrMoe

    Well - it's our local newspaper. It just so happens that the press realeases are TRUE.

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