Why are we so hard on JW's??

by James Mixon 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • rmt1

    This is trivially immediate to answer.

    The degree of the answer depends on the degree of the individual's potential that was imprisoned, throttled in the crib, suffocated, chained up, squandered, starved of the least scraps of resource.

    How can one be so hard on the JWs, indeed.

  • OrphanCrow
    The individual JW doesn't dream up the abusive polices....... the WTBTS does.

    Yes. And it is still the individual JWs who maintain and perpetuate those abusive policies.

    Regardless if those individuals have been coerced, they still have chosen to sell their soul down the river. They still have a choice in how they behave towards other human beings. All human beings - not just those within their tiny little circle that they have chosen to retreat to because they are so damned selfish that they will put their own survival above every single other person on this planet. (...whew...that was a bit run on...)

    Every JW that I see and meet looks at me as though I will be a rotten carcass for bird food soon. For that, I have no tolerance, understanding or empathy. I am unable to be empathetic towards people who choose to think like that.

    Each and every JW believes that they belong to a special, elite group of people. I do not respect those who support elitism.

  • thedepressedsoul

    It's because of how hard they are on their members. As simple as that.

    If you have a bully in school that picks on a ton of people, most of those people when they get a chance will get back at him or not help him out in his time of need.

    The same is with this bully of an organization. They crap on their members, harsh and make them feel bad about themselves. Instead of labeling everyone who disagrees as an apostate and actually took a minute to see why someone was upset or didn't believe a teaching I doubt people would be as hard back.

    They use and abuse you until the 2nd something goes wrong in your life. Then, you're casted out and you have everyone turn your back on you. They're with during the good and against you during the bad.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Thanks for all all your comments. If you are a first time visitor please

    take note, this is a UGLY and dangerous organization.

    It never end. I have grandkids , great nephews and nieces who

    look at me as if I have leprosy. They don't know me.

    My own grandkids have started to pull back on the rare occasion

    I see them. I reach out to hug them and they pull back but I'm

    thankful that my daughter bring them around..

    What do my JW family members tell the other none JW family ,

    We love him he needs to come back to Jehovah.

    Damn cult....

  • Vidiot

    James Mixon - "Why are we so hard on JW's?"

    I'm not, really.

    I don't hold back regarding the Organization and it's leadership, though.

  • Finkelstein
    James Mixon

    I was thinking about this last night. What would happen if

    someone new check out this site, what would they think?

    Wow, they have a strong dislike toward this organization.

    ...... and thats a good thing to make notice to just how corrupt and damaging this religious cult can be.

    A forewarning if you will.

    Identify it as a compassionate humanitarian effort.

  • rmt1
    Another thing. They claim Accuracy, as if accuracy was important, as if they supported a scientific paradigm where accuracy was important, as if they supported the habit of the Boereans to test out whether this or that emergent understanding (hypothesis) of their religious experience (data) was valid and consistent (true).

    They can get a pass on not being Precise. They have repeatedly predicted end dates and failed, so they can claim that they are off the mark, in terms of Precision, of the future event they claim Accuracy on, end of the world. It could be tomorrow, in terms of lack of precision, and they'd be 'right' or 'accurate'. It could be another century, in terms of lack of precision, and they'd be 'right' or 'accurate'.

    The claim of accuracy in (THE REAL WORLD) ordinary science carries with it an implicit invitation to all competitors, detractors, dissidents to go take their own data and use common standards and arrive at some conclusion that validates or modifies the previous finding. If the JW leadership implicitly invited its membership to do as the Boereans did, then the claim of accuracy would be about as relevant in a religious context as it could possibly be.

    But they do not! They truncate that implicit invitation by issuing the superating claim of having divine knowledge that is necessarily untestable and unaccountable. It is a bait and switch, text book fraud, scam by the numbers, like every other of their many forms of bait and switch. They speak with a forked tongue, "Test out our hypothesis!", but then bite down with the fangs that only they have the fact because they are personally and individually informed by the Creator of the entire Hubble volume. One cannot contest a fact derived from a context greater than the context within which you may observe and hypothesize. And so, the member walks away with the thoroughly confused impression that this fact is accurate, and that you the member must accept this fact that is from an untestable source AS IF you had tested it yourself.

    Why be so hard on them, indeed.
  • SonoftheTrinity
    I'm not a disgruntled ex-member, I'm the frustrated spouse of a member.

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