Why are we so hard on JW's??

by James Mixon 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I was thinking about this last night. What would happen if

    someone new check out this site, what would they think?

    Wow, they have a strong dislike toward this organization.LOL

    When I left the borg I join the church I was raised in.

    I remember one day i was out visiting the sick with the minister

    of the church. We had a conversation concerning about one of the

    members in the church. This guy had a terrible drinking problem, a

    wonderful family, hard worker and a good singing voice.

    So I still had some of the baggage from JW land and I ask the minister,

    why do you allow this guy to sing in the chorus each sunday morning

    with a hangover? He told me, "He is trying, he has a good heart, Can you

    imagine how hard it would be to get up early on a sunday morning with

    a hangover and sing in front of two hundred people".

    Why we are so hard against JW's, they are soooo judgmental. This guy loved God,

    he had a problem and he was working on it.

    That minister have passed, as a man I loved him. I learned a lot from him, he

    was truly a good man, he accepted no pay from the church..

  • DJS

    The Watchtower organization's crime against humanity

    by TerryWalstrom in
    1. Watchtower Society / JW.org
    2. Beliefs, Doctrine & Practices
    3 days ago

    The Darks Lords and all of the dark heartedness they have created and all of the harm they have done are deserving of our strongest condemnation. Never forget. Never.

  • eyefell4it2
    I think there are definitely some harsh things said by some people but it reflects their experience within the organization. I think you are correct in that many of the members of the JW world are good people or at least try to be and they are simply misguided in following some of their beliefs such as disfellowshipping, etc. But the hurt and trauma and confusion caused by the overall organization under the guidance of imperfect men (ie the GB) who refuse to admit they are imperfect (and that their "prophesies" are just a thinly disguised tactic at fear-mongering) further compounds the situation. You have to realize that just like people who may've been abused or mistreated, trusting anyone is hard and to have a forum where they can safely vent their concerns, experiences and such is exactly what they need to help their healing process. I always say if you don't like it, don't read it. I have been out for over 10 years but just recently got turned on to this site and it has helped me tremendously so while someone who has never had a negative experience with the JWs may be turned off by the site, for those in shoes like mine, it can be extremely helpful and also provide a resource to know what's going on within the organization (due to having family members still in, etc) without having to be a part of it. I hope that sort of explains things a little bit.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Thanks for posting that. So if someone accidentally come here

    with no knowledge of JW's and think we are a bunch of disgruntle

    ex-members, they can see why we have such a hatred.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    eyefell4it2: I have been out since 1987. It still hit me some days because

    I still have children that is still in and other family members..

  • eyefell4it2

    @ James Mixon

    I completely understand. I have parents in as well as an elderly grandmother who breaks down in tears if I call her saying she is "scared they (the elders) will find out" before hanging up on me. How crazy is that? So I get it completely. I have children who ponder why she acts that way and how do you explain such craziness to children whom we teach from DAY 1 that their family is who they should love unconditionally as a gift from God?

  • flipper
    JAMES MIXON- Read my thread on the first page just above or near yours about how the WT Society appoints men as elders and ministerial servants who have committed child abuse before - how the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses approve it - it's in their written instructions to elders. Then you may come to understand why some of us are hard on the Jehovah's Witness organization. Personally- I won't support an organization that is aiding and abetting child molesters. I would think you feel similarly
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I don't know that we're really that hard on JWs as much as we're hard on the Watchtower organization. Why are we hard on Watchtower?

    "She that lifts herself up above the crowd, exposes her underwear for all to see."

    Watchtower arrogantly lifts herself up above the crowd of religions so it's only natural that we'd see her filthy, tattered underwear that she's hiding under her pretty white dress. Why doesn't she keep herself on the ground with everyone else where she belongs? If she had done that then we wouldn't be tempted to look under her dress. In fact, we'd be in the wrong for going out of our way to stoop down to look under her dress. So if she wants to lift herself up above the crowd then she had better be damned sure that she has decent underwear. But no. She's wearing tattered, filthy, blood-stained, semen-stained and tear-stained underwear while she insists on lifting herself up while she says to all in a domineering tone: "Don't dare look under my dress! Keep your eyes fixed on the outside of my dress, or else . . .!"

    And that's not the worst of it. When it is pointed out to her that her underwear is filthy and tattered and she needs to go change it, she gets upset and accuses you of lying and of being divisive and she tells others not to speak to you. And she further says: "Stop looking at my underwear! Why should my underwear be on any interest to you? Look only at my pretty white dress! It is the prettiest and whitest dress in the whole wide world! Who else has a dress as pretty as mine? What does it even matter what condition my underwear is in?"

    Now if she would respond differently when the state of her underwear is brought to her attention then people would be kinder to her. If she showed genuine embarrassment and came back down to the ground and cried in embarrassment and apologized and sought to change her underwear or promise not to lift herself up knowing the state of her underwear, then we'd all feel for her and try to comfort her.

    If she was humble and wasn't so full of herself, pretending to be more than she is, then she wouldn't be subject to such scrutiny and criticism.

    Watchtower is haughty. Haughtiness is a form of dishonesty - dishonestly deceiving yourself and others into thinking that you're more important than you really are. Haughty ones need a reality-check.

  • eyefell4it2
    @ Flipper I agree about the molestation and child abuse problems within the organization. It is definitely encouraged by the overall structure of the organization which is why I made such a broad statement regarding their issues in leadership and structure. The child abuse and pedophilia problems are certainly a cause for great concern.
  • Phizzy

    I do not personally know of a JW that I would be hard on, all of them are misguided like I was, through no fault of their own.

    In my ex-Congregation there is a majority of loving and sincere people.

    Some of them are outstanding in the extent of their love for their fellow man.

    I am hard on the leadership, the G.B and the people that pull their strings, the Puppetmasters, they are not loving, they are not sincere, and, above all, they are thoroughly dishonest.

    If Truth came up behind them and bit them in the arse they would not recognize it.

    I welcome any JW here to be supported, understood, and if they need any questions answered, to find honest sincere, and, above all, truthful answers.

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