Jon passed away this morning

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  • Patriot

    Kevin, Im sorry for you loss.

    Another True PATRIOT has passed and he will be missed.

    I'm saluting you both.....

    Goodluck and Godspeed Kevin.

    .....*..Goodbye Jon....*

  • Pierced Angel
    Pierced Angel


    I'm so sorry.
    Jon certainly had a great personality, it was obvious by his posts even if we didn't know him in person. I think you're doing the right thing by honoring his wishes. He wanted you to take care of things because he trusts you, not anyone else. When I die, I hope my true love is there with me too, holding my hand.

    He will be missed, thank you for letting us know.

  • ladonna

    Dear Kevin,

    There are no words to express what I feel right this moment. I am so, so sorry for your loss Kevin. Please accept my deepest sympathy. You made JJ so happy and he loved you so much.

    As you know, I corresponded with JJ by private email.....the last email I was a little worried I had done the wrong thing in giving him some of the information that I did. Now I feel at peace that my timing was right, and am so glad that JJ gave me the strength and the freedom to do it at the right time.

    I loved JJ very much.....he was very special to me, as he was to many of us.

    Kevin, please come in and chat to us if ever you wish.....we would welcome you with open arms.
    You may also email me if you would like at anytime.

    Again, Kevin.....I am so sorry.......and email is so Damn cold.......


  • Deacon

    Aw Kev,

    The man touched a lot of lives....
    I hope the bigger answer out there makes us all happy..

    In the meantime, keep strong fella and remember the sharing, its memories that we keep forever.

    much love

  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart


    im so sorry about jon. i enjoyed reading his posts and am sad i never got to meet him and chat with him. this saddens me so much. sitting here with tears streaming down my face, wishing i could have known jon more and let him no how much i enjoyed his thoughts and all that he shared. he will be greatly missed.

    i hope that you will visit here and post when you are able. there are so many here who love you and jon.

    please take care of yourself.



    Wounded Heart

    Love by giving to & accepting others unconditionally = true, pure love

    "When in doubt, do the loving thing." ~ 8yr old "Pirate"

  • Tatiana


    I am so very, very sorry. Jonjon was someone I wanted to get to know better. We chatted just yesterday. Now I can't stop the tears. This is a lifetime of goodbyes. We all will have to say goodbye to ones we cherish and love. Eventually we all say goodbye to life itself. We have to learn to say a good goodbye. I know you did.

    A quote by Vladimir Nabokov, "Life is a great surprise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one."

    Let me know what he says, okay?


    "Love never dies." Voivodul Vlad Draculea (from Bram Stoker's Dracula-1992)

  • Xena

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I haven't been here long but could already tell that Jonjon was a very special person who had touched a lot of people on here. I am sorry that I wasn't able to have to time to get to know him better.

    Again condolences on your loss...

  • RationalWitness


    My deepest condolences to you. No words can remove the pain you are feeling over your loss, but what more can any of us ask than to have a loved one with us when we experience the inevitable? Jonjon was fortunate to have you there for him.

    Best wishes,

  • think41self

    Awwww Kevin,

    I am all choked up reading this. The last couple of days I went into chat when I saw Jonjon in there just to say Hi to him and I missed him both times. Now it seems I will have to contact John Edwards if I want to chat with Jonjon.

    Thank you so much for being there for him. I am glad we on this board helped him somewhat...but you were his lifeline, his strength. No other person can do more than that for someone they love. And thank you for coming here to tell us, that means ALOT to us. Funny, just when I thought this board was too impersonal, and we couldn't really get to know the people on it, this happens and makes me realize that we DID get to know him, and care for him very much. My thoughts are with you what you have to do to honor his wishes. Please come visit us in chat and let us know how YOU are doing.


  • Naeblis

    YOu'll be missed Jon.

    Did you know you were the rock plug for
    all of us
    did you know in the conduit of Vesuvius
    You were far more unifying than you know
    I’m not a judge of suitable
    but, you almost had it all.
    now you’ll have to tell me when
    tell me when it’s imminent
    so you won’t have to rise and fall alone
    or endure the wonder of survival
    the wipe-out loss
    the elation of free fall
    the rock bottom
    the sweet betrayal


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