Is the UN 'scandal' the big one ?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi Mommy, et al,
    Your mom's reaction is sadly typical of most JWs. I dropped off a copy of the Guardian article at the local Congregation Book Study (I made one of my rare appearances) and the reactions ranged from furrowed brows (``hmmm...'' we'll have wait for the Society's responses), to near-hysterical outbursts of fear: (``Apostates! Lies!).
    For JWs the concept that anyone who simply and calmly disagrees with them, criticizes or points out their flaws might actually be an honorable, well-motivated person, and not necessarily evil,is a radical one.

  • hawkaw

    Simon it is a good issue but it has to be explained properly or it won't register with the brain dead.

    These people belong to a cult and are under some serious power and fear.

    The big thing this can do more than the blood issue etc. is getting a brain dead "thinking". A catalyst is the way I look at it. Once you get them thinking, then you may get them thinking they have been lied too. Then you may be able to get their minds opening up further.

    If this done correctly, it will help some get out.


  • ashitaka

    Unfortunatly hawkaw is right. A few truth-oriented people will look at it and take action, but the majority, like my father, will shrug it off and say that the Witnesses are "using" the UN for it's own purposes. How disgusting.

  • beroea

    I’m not quit sure if the UN/WBTS is ”the big one” It depends mainly of the official reaction in newspaper all over the world. Normal JW doesn’t have attention of a single - or a few more - newspaper like The Guardian. A lot more is needed.

    So only if a lot of newspapers see this as interesting news it will have some effect. For the time being the time is wrong. Nobody think this is big news.

    All that matters right now is the terror war. I’m afraid this UN/WTBS news are going to be forgotten compare to all others “more interesting” news.

    Sorry. That's just my opinion from Europe. I hope I’m wrong, but...


  • ladonna


    Thankyou for this post, and I for one would be most grateful for a scanned copy of the news article...........preferably with the date on it and the newspapers' name it came from. I will use this is a way that will make my own family look for an answer they will not have.

    Thankyou again for this, and all the time you put in to make this a place for us all to learn and mix.


  • Latte

    Room 215,

    You were very brave taking that to the group.....I would of loved to of been a fly on the wall! LOL

    I was just wondering whether or not to share this news with an elder who I have to go a see in a minute..........guess I already know just what he will say! I have the newspaper ready (hehehe)

    Care to share where about's you are in the uk?

    You could alway's e-mail me.


  • TheOldHippie

    Room215 said that,
    For JWs the concept that anyone who simply and calmly disagrees with them, criticizes or points out their flaws might actually be an honorable, well-motivated person, and not necessarily evil,is a radical one.
    Judging from the majority of posts here, it is perhaps not so strange that that concept is a radical one?

  • Latte


    I don’t have the time at the moment for a full blown answer, but I personally feel that everyone would do well to follow the information in one of last year’s Awake article’s re: propaganda. It exhorts everyone to question EVERYTHING.
    (entitled. Should you believe everything you hear? I think)

    Funny though don’t you think, that if you apply that in your life…………you risk being labelled a liar.

    Gotta go


  • roybatty

    >>Unfortunately, most will buy into their explanation and realize that this is just 'apostates stirring up trouble' for God's Organization.<<

    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought as to the reaction of most JWs on this issue. The skeptic in me also feels that most JWs will just shrug it off, accept whatever explanation that Brooklyn gives them and move on. However, there are a few factors that make this issue bigger then 1975, the blood issue and other recent controversies.

    The first thing that comes to mind is how the WT has slammed the UN over the years and how the average JW views the UN. Recall just recently the Revelation book. Since it’s release in 1988 (I believe that was the year), this book was studied at least four or five times. When I was the bookstudy conductor I recall teaching from this book that ANYONE or any group associated with the UN would be destroyed. I particularly recall how much the average JW hated the UN because of it’s wanting to take glory away from God. After being taught to hate the UN so strongly for so many years, I find it hard to believe that the average JW will easily accept any association with the UN.

    The second point is that the Internet will play a big part on this. Evidence of this is Simon’s comments regarding how many times the UN thread was read. Tied in with this is the fact that the average JW doesn’t have any automatic defense mechanism in place on this issue unlike the web’s information exposing other WT contradictions. Because of this, the average JW can read these threads and web articles without having a WT prepared answer in their mind.

    Finally, this is a very simple issue. The blood issue can become complicated and the pedophile issue can turn into a “he said/she said” argument. This UN issue is very simple. WT says the UN is evil, the UN will destroy false religion, the UN will attack God’s people, God will destroy the UN. Period. Oh, but wait, it’s ok for the WT to associate it self with the UN. If there’s one thing that people hate it’s a hypocrite.

    We might not see droves of people leaving the kingdom halls but I guarantee that you’ll see a lot of JWs telling the WT and it’s representatives to take a flying leap because the GB can no longer take what they consider the “moral high road.”

    Just my two cents.

  • Patriot

    I personally believe that if the R&F were to find out about this that the WT will use their "logic" to downplay its real meaning.

    For example: I remember when I was interrogated by my then C.O. about certain quetions that I was having, he said "Do you think that Jehovah's org. is a stupid one? It's like years ago in Mexico..we weren't called Jw's we were known as a cultural movement. Is that being dishonest? Maybe some may think so but the Bible shows us to be astute. By not calling ourselves Jw's we were able to keep preaching the good news of the Kingdom and save countless lives (he was Mexican). Now we could have called ourselves Jw's but that would have hindered our work and we would have been banned from preaching. So as you can see we must make use of the rules and regulations that are put out by the gov'ts. We have to use their own rules to expand Christ's teachings."

    Then he went on and quoted some Proverb about how the astute one will have favor and the stupid one wont or something like that.

    Anyway with that kind of lip service the WT will be able to convince most people. They'll say that registering with the UN has opened many doors for them as far as preaching is concerned and that we must make use of the tools given to us by the Gov'ts.
    And of course you guys know that that will be enough for about 85% of the Jw's. They'll probably shell out a few article of how being astute in these critically doomed days are the only way for them to save lives.

    Oh well.


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