Is the UN 'scandal' the big one ?

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  • Simon

    Looking at the stats, there are well over 14,000 views of the thread about the UN. The next 'most read' thread is around 9,500 so it is clearly a burning issue.

    I wonder if the involvement with the UN is the biggest threat to the WTS?

    They are getting badly burnt because of their covering up child abuse and is doing a great job of raising the profile of this but even so, I can see the 'mental defense mechanism' of many JWs excusing this as 'individuals imperfection'.

    They cannot excuse the GB getting in bed with the UN. This makes the GB a harlot and THEY KNOW IT.

    There can be no excuses. This is the leadership that has transgressed BIG TIME.

    I personally will be scanning the article in the Guardian and making sure everyone I know reads it. I intend to stand outside the KH with copies and make sure everyone is aware of it. I'll post a copy here if anyone wants to use it - a *real newspaper reprint* is more effective than a printout from a web site.

    Incidentally, the article underneath on the same page raises questions about the validity of tax breaks for religious organisations that do not contribut anything to society... hmm, who would fit that description?

    The attack on Brooklynistan intensifies...

  • Seeker

    I remember the old, old days when Ray Franz's and James Penton's books were the big accusation against the WTS.

    Then I remember the old days when AJWRB hit the blood issue hard (and they are still going strong), and that was the big accusation against the WTS.

    Then I remember the more recent days when silentlambs sprung up, and the lambs began to roar, and that was the big accusation against the WTS (still is big and growing).

    Now I see the UN issue, and that is the big accusation against the WTS.

    I foresee the ........ issue in the near future...(we'll see, but I'll bet more is out there).

  • Ranchette

    I don’t know how it could get much bigger than this but every time I think that something else happens that seems more shocking than the last.
    Each issue has helped some to see through this org.
    I just don’t know if anything will help the majority though.
    I believe with all my heart that the few are worth our effort.
    However now that I know WT does not have backing and special protection from God I think any thing is possible!

  • alamb

    I heard someone close say, "Maybe this is the beginning of Armageddon." I believe it may be the beginning of the end, for the system some have grown comfortable supporting and put their faith in.... Armageddon being a righteous judgement, that is.

  • lauralisa


    Just this evening I was wondering about how to get a copy of this thread. I would be grateful if you would provide a scanned copy! Thank you for what you do....


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  • mommy

    Hey all
    I have been thinking alot about this, and posted the following in another thread, some I will repost here.

    The fact: that he(the man I spoke to at Patterson) even admitted that it was a "historical thing" and not a current association tells us so much. As Farkel posted, way back when in 1942 the org would never have wanted to be associated the UN. And to this day, they should deny up and down their involvement. But they can't...I love public information

    I see your point. My mother is taking the high road on this and labeling apostate on everything involved, including the Un website. She told me that the info was found by an apostate to try to turn people away from jehovah, so it should not be used. I was also given the song and dance about it being ok to use the UN to further human right issues for the brothers. She also fell back on that many people work for the govt and if her house was on fire she would need the fire dept and police to become involved.

    I saw RAGING BS!!! They sought out association They agreed to the terms of the association. So they either lied, by saying they support the UN, or they did not. The WTBTS has their hands in many pots, and sooner or later they will tumble. This is only the beginning of the end for them. What I worry about is the stragglers, the die hard believers who for one reason or another still need this org. Think how many cults are dissassembled and there are members who believe until they die. Perhaps "we" will have a world-wide cleaning work to accomplish. Think how many come here seeking comfort, I can only imagine what will happen if the doors to Brroklyn are closed.

    Obviuously the UN will not allow this association to continue. And printed material by any govt "hating"(for lack of a better word) will be looked into now. So get ready brothers and sisters, because their walls will crumble, if not all alot will be affected by this.

    In a controversy the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.

  • ISP

    To make the scandal complete...would be the 'new light' on the UN. Bible examiner posted on this some time ago and before the UN stuff 'hit the fan'.

    If this is true and the UN doctrine is would have to be time to leave....

    The link...


  • Tina

    Greetings All,
    I don't know why but this UN debacle doesn't seem to be 'the' issue.
    Maybe it's like Seeker says,it's going to be accumulative issues?
    But I had anticipated something really really heinous.Some thing that would even disgust non-Jw's.,make people sit up and take notice......I probably hope too much. luv to all,T

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  • Kophagangelos


    If this is true and the UN doctrine is would have to be time to leave....

    Yes Then I will leave the WTS! I am JW still!

  • Pathofthorns

    I doubt this or any other 'scandal' will bring them down. It all comes down to each individual and what particular issue or group of issues that touches them personally to understand that the truth is not true.

    In the minds of the membership, it is just accepted that 'we have the truth'. Until something makes them question the very thing they are so sure of, they can find themselves accepting and embracing any explanation of these matters, no matter how illogical.

    I think the explanation could be something as simple as the UN being the 8th king, and they merely are doing what is necessary to legally protect their right to declaire the 'good news'.

    Just as they have condemned political governments to destruction and yet legally register as a religion for advantage in 'advancing kingdom interests', so they have associated themselves with the 8th king in much the same way. They are 'using the world, but not to the full'.

    Unfortunately, most will buy into their explanation and realize that this is just 'apostates stirring up trouble' for God's Organization. The thinking ones have left or are on their way out. Those who remain want to remain and will accept anything.


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