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  • zev

    hello mommy!

    i miss you!

    i just want to give a perspective from a die hard dub point of view.

    i gave my wife the printed pages from the u.n. web site.
    she refused to read them. when i explained them...she equated it to being the same as an 18 year old male registering for the selective service. maybe they had to also. {at the time, i didnt know about the membership from 1991}

    whatever the reasons for this membership...an active dub will and has to defend the actions of their god, the wtbts, which as they see it is....gods right hand. because after all, the wtbts is gods spirit directed organization.

    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

  • crittersitter

    hi mommy
    i had about the same reaction from my sister(as above poster) she calmly stated that she was quite sure the bro's thought this out carefully and was sure this was to further the worldwide preaching work as well.
    she also stated that she did not recall the wbts preaching AGAINST the un, but that is was simply the great beast blah blah blah...
    I do not think that many dubs will get to overly upset over this news, as the spin miesters at hq have carefully woven their web of deceit and call it "new light".
    I really thought this would send her into a tailspin and cause her to do some earnest research, but she's like the rest of the rank and file...defend the org to the bitter end. She was also quite sure all of the info was false, can't believe ANY thing from the net..
    i came away from our conversation utterly defeated...what will it take to make them see the truth about the wbts????
    "depressed- critter" of the discouraged class

  • Farkel


    : "He told me if they were it was more of a "historical thing"
    and they are currently not associated."

    : Is this true? That the WT is not currently associated with the UN?
    Does he admit that the WT had been "associated" with the UN?

    : And just exactly does the phrase "It was more of a 'historical thing'"
    mean anyway?

    The fact is the WTS has vilified the UN and its predecessor the League of Nations from their inception. There is absolutely NOTHING "historical" about it. They have hated them and said so in their publications from the very beginning.

    Nathan Homo Whore stated his hatred for the UN in 1942 several years before it was fully formed and operational.

    What a lying pile of bastards they are.

    Tactful Class

    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • r51785

    Top Ten List of Watchtower "Historical Things"

    10. Pyramid worship
    9. Miracle Wheat
    8. Don't eat from that aluminum pot brother!
    7. "Superior Authorities" are worldly governments
    6. Avoiding vaccinations
    5. "Superior Authorities" are Jehovah and Jesus
    4. A generation is 70 or 80 years
    3. 1925 -- resurrection party in San Diego!
    2. Calculating how long Adam took to name the animals
    1. Hanging with our homeboys at the UN!

  • mommy

    Hey all
    I have done alot of thinking on this entire subject today. And I also wanted to point out that I was not confrontational with Michael(oops) I wanted to have a dialouge with him that he felt free to express his opinions, even if they are not really his. Gosh this man couldn't even tell me his name or status in the org.

    The fact that he even admitted that it was a "historical thing" and not a current association tells us so much. As Farkel posted way back when in 1942 the org would never have wanted to be associated the UN. And to this day, they should deny up and down their involvement. But they can't...I love public information

    I see your point. My mother is taking the high road on this and labeling apostate on everything involved, including the Un website. She told me that the info was found by an apostate to try to turn people away from jehovah, so it should not be used. I was also given the song and dance about it being ok to use the UN to further human right issues for the brothers. She also fell back on that many people work for the govt and if her house was on fire she would need the fire dept and police to become involved.

    I saw RAGING BS!!! They sought out association They agreed to the terms of the association. So they either lied, by saying they support the UN, or they did not. The WTBTS has their hands in many pots, and sooner or later they will tumble. This is only the beginning of the end for them. What I worry about is the stragglers, the die hard believers who for one reason or another still need this org. Think how many cults are dissassembled and there are members who believe until they die. Perhaps "we" will have a world-wide cleaning work to accomplish. Think how many come here seeking comfort, I can only imagine what will happen if the doors to Brroklyn are closed.

    Obviuously the UN will not allow this association to continue. And printed material by any govt "hating"(for lack of a better word) will be looked into now. So get ready brothers and sisters, because their walls will crumble, if not all alot will be affected by this.

    In a controversy the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.

  • Kophagangelos

    Great job!

  • muslima
    Well there you have it, I can see it now. At the judicial committee, "Yes brother, i committed adultry but it was a historical affair. So we do not have to worry about this committee thing."
    An official WT loophole has now been created.

    That was priceless!! I love loopholes...ROFLMAO

  • detective

    Hello Mommy et al,
    can you give me a phone number for the Brooklyn office where one might call?


  • outnfree


    You might try J.R. Brown at (718) 560-5600
    He is listed as the media contact on many of the Society's releases.
    It would be a good start, anyway.


    Par dessus toutes choses, soyez bons. La bonte est ce qui ressemble le plus a Dieu et ce qui desarme le plus les hommes -- Lacordaire

  • detective

    Thanks Outnfree!

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