JW.ORG has jehovahs backing

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  • Nosferatu

    OMG, really? This exists? Is this like the JW version of Mary Poppins?

    What really gets me is that the JWs used to tout that they didn't give credit to anybody because all praise should go to Jehovah. Now they've got the GB's names and faces splattered all over their videos. If they would have stuck to their original stance on who they should worship, there would be no names to go along with the people on the videos.

    Back when I was a JW, the names and faces of the GB members were generally unknown or unimportant (with the exception of CT Russell). Now we know all the stars behind Jehovah's cartoonish organization.

  • Phizzy
    Why does that picture bring the word "Paedophile" to mind ?
  • Vidiot

    Phizzy - "Why does that picture bring the word 'Paedophile' to mind ?"

    'Cause (like I mentioned earlier) Sophia looks like she's reaching for Morris' junk...

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