"I can't find my car..."

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  • FreeFallin

    Wow, this brings up alot of memories.

    ((((Lisa, Andi and others)))) I'm so sorry for what you've gone thru.

    teejay...I never thanked you for the time you took to respond to me in this post. I was too distraught at the time to do so. Now that I've SOMEWHAT accepted what the religion did to me, my thinking is clearer. Well, anyway, thank you.


  • Mackin

    This makes me think of my relationship with my father, (who only just tolerates me since I've left the Borg), and then he will never contact me, I have to contact him. I spent my whole life trying to win his approval and he's never once shown me any fatherly love or appreciation. Sometimes I thenk he never loved me, even when I was being a "good witness."

    It's so important to be there for your kids, no matter how old they are.

    I'm still looking for my car.

    To the world you may be one person,
    But to one person you may be the world.

  • DannyBear


    My daughter recently contacted me out of the blue. It had been more than 3 yrs we had had no contact. I was elated.

    In one of her emails she expressed that she wished that I could have walked her down the aisle. Funny, that was enough for me. Maybe all your dad needs to hear, is that you wish it could be so.

    You never know how such an expression from you, his daughter, religion or not, will be received.

    Iam very happy my daughter told me...somehow it makes it better.


    tj...how your good friend doing now?

  • teejay

    I feel ya, Mackin.

    I never got it from my father, either. Religion didn’t have a damn thing to do with it (he HATED the Dubs, I think) but he was STILL a shitty father.

    The thing is, I think it’s rare to run across a person who really loves kids and really loves being a parent. Most people have kids by mistake (imo) and only tolerate their offspring. Your dad (like mine) seems to be one of those.

    M is one of the lucky ones. Her folks really like her.


    >> tj...how your good friend doing now?


    I’ll let you know. I’ll see her tomorrow.

    p.s. Still lovin' (more than words can really say) that your kid called you out of the blue like she did. Got me noddin' my head and grinnin' like an idiot!!

    2002 has been a good year, eh Bro?

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  • freedom96

    That was quite a letter.

  • Odrade

    TJ, thanks for bringing this up to the top. Gives me hope.

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