What kind of hobbies would you like to try?

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  • Nosferatu

    Oh man, I have (and had) so many hobbies:

    - Coin Collecting
    - Playing Guitar
    - Singing
    - BASIC Programming (mostly on the Commodore 64)
    - Playing with Sharp and TRS-80 Pocket Computers
    - Canned Peaches Mashups (www.myspace.com/cannedpeachesmashup)
    - Writing / recording music
    - Karaoke
    - Audio Restoration
    - Cassette / LP to CD transfers
    - Making a Potato Canon
    - Building electronic circuits
    - Weight Lifting
    - Running a pirate radio station (very short range, LOL!)
    - Computers in general
    - Making collages
    - Reading (took up recently)
    - Running website(s)
    - Running a dialup BBS
    - Playing in a band

    I could probably go on.

    edit: a couple more I forgot:

    Fixing old electronic equipment (mostly stereos and such)

    Fixing up 8-track tapes and listening to them :)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow what a wonderful array of interests

    It is so important to find something you love - outside of banging on doors that is


    When you ask them to install it also ask them to take the second drive and make it the slave drive. That way you will lose nothings and have even more space to save things

  • mrsjones5

    I would like to try gardening. I've been in my house on almost a 1/4 acre for over 3 years now and have been too chicken to try. But I want to get out there and get dirty with my kids and produce something edible. Maybe this year I will.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Interesting lists folks. Time seems to be a big factor against us. ;( Time and money.

    I've pretty much tried most of my wish list of hobbies - short list that it is! Computers in general but more specifically videography & video editing are what I'd like to pursue currently. Again, no time though. The music stuff I'm no good at but would like to have a set of electronic drums to putter around with and not drive the neighbors bonkers.

  • bigwilly

    I currently enjoy homebrewing but have been slacking a bit. I also enjoy creating labels for said brews on the computer. I enjoy drawing but want to take some classes to improve my abilities. I have done tied hemp jewelry in the past and want to do more. I really want to learn how to do chain work. Would also like to learn welding, fabrication and metal sculpture.

  • Nosferatu
    The music stuff I'm no good at but would like to have a set of electronic drums to putter around with

    Here's something for you to play with in the meantime:


  • badboy


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Things I've tried:

    sewing, designing clothing, knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, crocheting and designing crochet & writing the patterns, swimming, skating (roller and ice), cooking, cartooning, drawing or sketching (pencil, charcoal, pastels), silk floral arrangements, writing, singing, gardening (flowers, veggies, herbs), sculpting (in clay only), painting (oil and acrylics), playing the guitar, piano, dancing (ballroom, exotic and belly dancing), collecting dainty cups and saucers (with flowers on 'em), collecting sets of demitasse cups, collecting antique costume jewelry, research (pick a subject, I love it, especially now there's the internet), decorating....I can't think of any more right now.

    Things I've tried but am lousy at:

    Sports in general, playing a musical instrument, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting

    Things I was pretty good at or would like to continue, because they interest me:

    sewing, designing clothing (only for myself, too much cutthroat competition), crocheting and designing crochet & writing the patterns, cooking (would like to attend culinary arts school), cartooning (some day), drawing or sketching (at least things to frame and hang in my abode...I'm best at portraiture), silk floral arrangements, writing (there's at least one novel in me somewhere), singing (in the shower only, cause I'm shy of singing in front of an audience), gardening, sculpting (I do busts or heads, very good likenesses), decorating (only for myself) dancing (ballroom, please) collecting cups & saucers, sets of demitasse cups and antique costume jewelry, research (don't know if I'm good, but it sure is interesting).

    Things that I haven't tried that I'd like to try in the future:

    standup comedy (maybe...I'm really overwhelmed with stage fright and would have to have some darned good material in my repertoire....and maybe a few stiff drinks under my belt)

    photography (lots of interesting things and people to see and capture on film)

    Thanks for this thread, Lee. It's really interesting to see what tickles the fancy of the other posters, helps to get to know them better.


  • PEC

    To ride all of the biggest, best, fastest, roller coasters in the world. Maybe someday.

    Race at all of the biggest, best, fastest, race tracks in the world. I have done, Willow Springs 2X, Thunderhill 3X, Las Vegas, Daytona and Sebring this October.


  • dobbie

    My current ones are gardening and allotment gardening, we took on an allotment patch lst year its hard work but makes you feel good when the veggies on your dinner plate were sown and cared for by yourself! I'd like to do computer course and take up salsa aerobics, but have no one to look after kiddies in the evenings so they will have to wait another 10 yrs!

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