When JW parents shun their df'd children...and grandchildren

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  • megsmomma

    I am in that situation too. When I look at my baby, I just can't imagine ever wanting nothing to do with her, and find it hard to believe that is the way my mom wants it. Very sad.http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=FamousMeg By the way....here is a video of my baby and what she is missing.

  • avidbiblereader

    I deal with every day with my daughter who is 22 years old, she has been in therapy twice, cried more times than I care to count,

    It is the one and foremost thing in my life I regret, allowing her to get baptised at age 11, to suffer and deal with this because of the teaching of allowing your children to get baptised at a "CHILDS" age.

    It is painful and the most unnatural thing I ever witnessed.


  • hamsterbait

    You may be upset that grandparents are not seeing the children at the moment. In a few years you may well be thankful.

    The Grndparents will often pour WTCTS poison in their ears, confuse them with divided loyalty, and plant psychological booby traps that go off as they get older.

    When the kids are older and more resilient, they can see the manipulation for what it is - especially if they have been forewarned.

    Just be happy they can have a happy childhood, not being dragged to the Hell when they sleep over, and play sports on Saturday.


  • sammielee24

    Solidly/totally shunned by an entire family of hardliners. Mother, sister (husband is an elder); brothers (elders) (wives and families all lifers), my own children (all hardliners) and every single person I've ever known in my life since they are all witnesses. I've never met my childrens spouses and will likely never meet my grandchildren. My children have threatened my own mother with shunning (and they're all witnesses) should she breathe one word about them to me. The vast majority inside were no different than myself in that we lived and breathed for the society thus felt it our responsibility to uphold all the rules. sam.

  • Paisley

    Amazing accounts, and so very sad. If only everyone knew what it could mean later, to respond to that knock on their door, and the smiling face that misrepresents everything to the householder!


    it is the one and foremost thing in my life I regret, allowing her to get baptised at age 11, to suffer and deal with this because of the teaching of allowing your children to get baptised at a "CHILDS" age.

    ...yes, that is very sad, and such a regret for a parent later.

  • mcsemike

    I wasn't DF'd and I didn't DA myself, just faded. I wrote some letters to my wife, who left me because I read COC. I tried to reason with her, but she is a company person. Neither she nor my 21 year old daughter will talk to me. Letters, phone calls, all ignored. They use caller ID often, I guess.

    Most DF'd people I know are having trouble with family ignoring them. I've read of suicides because of this. I don't think God would be happy. That's how I know the WT will fry for this in the future.

    If children are DF'd and parents don't speak to them (and the kids are underage), I think the parents are unfit and the social services should get involved. That is mental cruelty. How any parent could do that and call themself "Christian" is beyond me.

    This is one very sick cult and the government needs to step in, outlaw them, take their assets, arrest the leaders, and ban them forever.

  • Mary

    The opposite happens too. When the grandparents decide they don't want to have anything more to do with this cult, their children quite often employ the method of holding the grandchildren as emotional hostages. My one girlfriend has not been able to see her two grandkids for over 3 years now. Her terrible crime? She celebrates Christmas and birthdays. I've long thought that grandparents who are denied the right to see their grandkids because of this f**ked up religion, should go to court for Grandparents Rights. No Witness would ever let it get that far, because they know full well how insane and unfeeling they'd appear in front of a judge, not to mention the newspapers.

    While I'm fortunate enough not to be shunned by my family, I'm well aware that many are not as fortunate as me. It's incredible that shunning family members who don't agree with your religion, is even legal.

  • greendawn

    It is a diabolical organisation, only such an org would go as far as corrupting the family bond between parents and children or between brothers/sisters. They claim that the early church did the same but that is not the case, they made it all up. Surprisingly the dubs find this sort of policy perfectly natural that's how programmed they are.

  • winnie

    I was just wondering...is there any legal avenues you can take against jw's for shunning? Doesn't it equate with slander etc?

    I know other religions have had this happened and as far as I know, some have won against the churches...but I can't recall them at present.

    Does anyone know, or have heard of someone sueing the JW's for this?

  • Cordelia

    are you joking?? how can you not know of hardly any??

    I for one have lost my entire family (or if one member speaks these imense guilt to be gone thru) and know many more the same!

    I never realised their were ones who spoke to their dfed ones, wish they'd speak to my family and show them how to be humane!

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