Just pondering my upcoming plan

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  • avidbiblereader

    Junction, I wish you the best, I hope this brings you the peace you long for, I do have some concerns for your efforts, you could be pissing in the ocean and think you are bringing up the water level.

    Many have walked where you are headed, to me, the best way to recover is live life to the fullest and enjoy your life as a Christian or otherwise, but as my sign on is obvious, I chose Christian, but nonetheless only wishing you peace and success.


  • kwintestal

    I am one of those left wing atheist x-jw's. I'm waiting and watching to give you some flack. Just wait! C'mon ... I think that most people on the board here who are atheist are quite respectful of others choice. We may not agree with you, and at times debate (hopefully in the right thread) but you have a right to believe in whatever you believe in. If it wasn't for the diferences in people this site wouldn't be as strong and welcoming as it is.

    Good luck Dave.


  • junctions-wife

    I can see where Dave wants to tell you all but at the same time I understand where he would like to tell me the rest first. It is not easy for him. He has alot of respect for people on here. I know. And some may very well decide not to speak to him again. But that will be your lost. He will need every prayer request and good thoughts going his way that he can get. I can honestly say this though he will not be doing anything against the law or to hurt himself. I just hope everyone will still be there when he needs us the most.

    Thank-you all,


  • brainfcked

    I have been waiting for the big reveal. I am very curious to know more about whatever it is you're working at. After the reveal then either I will support your effort or just wish you the best.


  • Balsam


    I've been out about 6 years now and have spoken at a Presbyterian Sunday School class for adults concerning JW's and they were very interested for the moment but nothing earth shattering. But generally I've found that that people of mainstream religions just see JW's as Kooks more or less and really have no interest in them. They more or less feel people who were in the religion to be boarderline nuts. I don't speak of it much anymore because I've come to see people reaction clearly on their faces. They do not care. A few will show some interest for a short time like the Sunday school class but it is only temporary. Basically people say hey just get on with your life forget the JW'stheir kooks. And as we all know it is easier said than done. So in time I've changed my view of my personal experience with JW and in doing that I feel I've moved on. It is a little like telling people I used to be a "Jesus Freak" from back in the1960's in Calif. People just kind of look at the person and shake their head thinking boy that person was a little insane. I don't understand what your plans are but be careful that you don't make ex-jw look like bigger nuts than jw's. Just some friendly advice, I understand completely how your feeling but sometimes it is just better to walk away and leave it alone.

    I work with AJWRB.ORG as a volunteer and that has been truely helpful and benefital, but it took a while to feel that was worth while.


  • Honesty
    They more or less feel people who were in the religion to be boarderline nuts.

    They are pretty well spot on, too.

    I know for a fact that I was the one Bill Murray was portraying in "What About Bob?"

  • junctions-wife

    Balsalm, That is easier said than done. Just walk away. Somethings you can walk away from. But when something has destroyed entire being and life. How can you just walk away? I know what Dave is going to announce and it is something that he can not walk away from. Nor would he have the respect of me if he just walked away. This is something that he can not just walk away from.


  • NanaR


    I wish you the best in your journey. I hope it brings you the closure that you so obviously need.

    From my personal standpoint, living well and being happy is the best revenge. But everyone is different, and every story is different.



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