Special talk?

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  • RationalWitness


    Yes, Kite gave the 'talk heard round the world'. He was a C.O. at the time--a powerful speaker--and gave the audience what they came to hear. Witnesses everywhere were sending taped copies to one another. Bethel was deluged with letters inquiring whether the talk represented the Society's view. It was such a phenomenon that the Service Department overseer (Harley Miller) had to write, telling him to 'cease and desist' giving it.


  • LDH

    Willy Think, dead on.

    It's real nice the way they cover the dropping off of the preaching work as "you might be busy enduring"...

    They are aware of the extreme drop off as it is happening already. So they are covering their asses by stating the obvious. only putting a 'scriptural spin' on it.

    Yes, I would bet my firstborn this talk was real. It is full of WT double speak.

    "The King of the North/South is REALLY important even though we don't know who it is." NICE.

  • DB

    I received the e-mail at my work computer today, fw'd by a JW. I barely read it and then deleted it. To me, that's the treatment it deserved.

  • dungbeetle

    <""The King of the North/South is REALLY important even though we don't know who it is." NICE. Lisa">

    Dontcha mean---this week?

    Dungbeetle...so much dung, so little time...

  • lydia

    I can hardly not believe that this was coming from the WTBS....it sounds so like the way they are- those who mwntioned the double talk and ways are right - this is another way of them gaining the loyalty of the people so they will not leave.
    How very sad that they feel they must stoop to this method of mind control!
    And then to encourage those in NY to preach by leaving their bags at home!!!!! What do they have for minds? The corporate agenda here is so thick I think I may choke!!

    My heart bleeds for those that are so scared that they are beliving these things will take place as the "GB" says it will. I only can hope that many more will look at this and see what we here do.
    Only then will they find they have their lives back.
    Peace to all~

  • Monica

    Rather than comforting those with anxious feelings about recent events, they prey off these people. Below are just a few 'scare tactic' comments that I picked out from this one JW's summary:

    -The end is rushing up to meet us.
    -They will insist we take a side, and when we don't, they can use this as an excuse to take action against us.
    -We can look for all property owned by the watchtower society to be seized.
    -Some of us may have to find shelter with other witnesses.
    -We will have no legal rights to speak of.
    -The bible does not tell us how far things will go
    -He will do anything he can to destroy us.
    -This will be worse than any war ever fought on earth before.
    -God will not save each and every one of his witnesses from death...
    -These will be in conjunction with his vengeance on those persecuting his people.
    -How can they pull a trigger if they have no arms?
    -Our main focus may be on keeping alive and enduring.
    -Money, property, things, will be meaningless to us.

    Regarding us rampant apostates:

    They are publishing materials and speaking loudly.

    Darn straight!

    AND the comment:

    It does make sense. All through history, many things were understood afterward.


    The poor JW kids........

  • Jourles

    I just received this email too. It appears that it is making the rounds across the globe. My forwarded copy came from a relative on an island country. Also, did the author sign off on your email? On mine it says it was written by a Kim Arbuthnot. Anyone here know Kim to verify this is true?

  • LDH

    Monica, I'd been so conditioned to the scary comments, I didn't even see them!

    Wow! Yer right!


  • Tina

    This sounds just like the emotional rubbish they stirred up regarding 1975.

    Or maybe,when they start losing lawsuits due to sexual abuse and other issues,they want the r/f to see it as satans attack.WHip the fear factor up,keeps them under control. This sounds like a major CYA strategy here. thanks,T

    'Boycott Shampoo! Demand the real Poo!

  • r51785

    What do you mean we don't know who the King of the North is?
    Isn't it still Kaiser Wilhelm II?

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