Do you believe Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had a son?

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  • Undecided

    Maybe he wasn't married to her and had a son by her.

    Ken P.

  • Kenneson

    Didn't Dan Brown try to convince us that Mary Magdalene is buried in France? So, how does she end up buried in Jerusalem?

    Oh, and all the efforts that have been put forth by scholars to prove that Jesus never even existed are now debunked? Well, let's see what they will have to say about that.

  • greendawn

    We don't have to believe what Cameron claims, they found a grave with names that match those of Jesus's family but let's not forget those names were very common back in that time.

  • TopHat
    Cameron claims

    Just another jerk tying to make money and dupe the naive

  • skyking

    This is normal people shooting down information before they even look at the it. Noramal for the faithful, blind and just stupid

    I reserve commit untill after I see the show and read his book. Then I will make my judgement.

  • Brother Apostate
  • Terry

    I just can't seem to find anything historical in the person of Jesus. He is not unlike Odysseus, Atlantis, Robin Hood or King Arthur.

    The details are a big zero.

    The rather hysterical accounts contained in the bible are about as reliable as UFO sightings and tales of being probed by aliens. A whole lot of people give vivid accounts but fall short of any tangible proof whatsoever.

    We've heard about this character from the time we took breakfast from under our mom's nursing bra. We never had a moment in our life when it wasn't regarded as a GIVEN he exists. But, did he? Really?

    Maybe somebody or other had some kind of brief charismatic career among the common people stirring up a rucus. But, so did the wandering "holy" man Rasputin who brought down an empire.

    I don't think there is a way of knowing anything factual at all.

  • iamfreenow
  • lighthouse19something

    No, since the bible teaches sin is inherited through the father's line, Jesus' children would have been perfect, and would not have died from sickness or old age.

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