Why the WT Society will never sponsor a charity

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  • zack

    This is plainly one more reason why the WTS ORG. cannot be Christian, because they do not do christian works. Helping the needy, the poor, the down and out, are all

    hallmarks of a faith based on love and charity. The WTS teaches selfishness and self centeredness. It squelches the charity in a person's heart. It extinguishes the

    natural human inclination of reaching out and helping. "I want mercy, not sacrifice" is a scripture they long deleted from the Bible.

    I'll tell this, since we are dealing with charity:

    A couple of years ago I gave a talk at a cong. about an hour's drive from our home and afterwards the cong. treated my wife and I to lunch, the so called "hospitality."

    As we were leaving the restaurant, this deaf-mute man asked us for some money. He was dirty, his clothes looked like they came out of a dumpster, he was thin as a rail.

    I, being trained to avoid those of this ilk, told him to get away from me and walked out to our vehicle. As I turned the key in the ignition I was overcome by a deep sense of

    shame. Here I was in my new SUV, wearing nice clothes and kid gloves on my hands (it was winter) with my belly full of free food, a minister of God who just finished

    preaching to a congregation about love and forgiveness and mercy, and I had not taken the time to even acknowledge this person as a human being. How can I be a minister,

    a christian, and just brush this man aside, who obviously had some handicaps? I got out of my SUV, reached deep in my pockets, and went back and found this man.

    When he saw that I came back towards him his face lit up. And when he saw that I had something for him, his eyes welled up. The look he gave me pierced my heart. The

    humility he displayed when thanking me made me feel even smaller.

    None of the witnesses who had taken my wife and I to lunch thought twice about brushing past this man. I admit that it was shame that prompted me. I reasoned

    later that it was proper to have been ashamed of behaving like I had. I admitted to myself that I had become a hypocrite. And as long as I remained a Witness I would be

    a hypocrite, for there was no room for acts of charity and kindness towards strangers. Human beings have human needs and no amount of preaching will ever substitute for

    a tangible kindness.

  • moshe

    Thank you Zack, for sharing that with us. JW's will sometimes help poor people, on condtion that they allow them to conduct a WT indoctrination session with them. JW's are not interested in helping a lost soul or ministering to the needs of the poor- unless they can count time doing it. Unconditional help for the poor, however is an exception for JW's, I believe.

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