Should Britain Build a £100m Mosque for the Olympics?

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  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    Quick update:

    The Mayor of London today revealed an organised email campaign around an online poll being conducted by the Evening Standard aimed at stirring up communal hatred by spreading entirely false statements about plans for a new mosque in East London. These included a totally untrue claim that the Mayor was planning to spend £100 million of public money on the mosque when there are no plans to spend any public money at all on the mosque.



  • Crumpet
    what sport are they intending to play there...

    i was gonna say that too. My company will probably be doing a lot of the building work - there's no Mosque on the plans. All the papwerwork has to go through my desk. It does sound like Livingstone the Controversial has been stirring the shite once again.

  • needproof

    Thank you for clearing that one up Merry, these things have a nasty habit of getting out of control. The trouble is, not as many people who read the first lie will read the other story exposing the lie. People have trouble connecting the dots, vicious rumors spiral out of control.

  • Gerard


  • daystar

    Merry -

    This is the sort of disinformation we should all be combating, regardless our religious opinions, or lack thereof.

  • Warlock

    Sure, why not?


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