Why Is There a Seemingly Large Percentage of X JW Jerks?

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    This is something I posted on Minimus' "Looked Down" thread, and thought I would split it off into another topic.

    So why is there a seemingly large number of X-JW jerks in cyberspace?

    LongHairedGal wrote this:

    I know ex-dubs can be pretty bad. This is because they have left-over competitive traits and feel they are experts and authorities in their own right about religious dogma and also because they have been so hurt.


    Do you find this to be true?

  • ninja

    Some of the nicest people I have met have been JW's and some of the worst have also been JW's....What I'm trying to say is there's nowt as weird as folk....cheers mate.....da ninja

  • Finally-Free

    There are plenty of jerks in cyberspace, not just on x-jw boards. I've seen some discussion boards that make the x-jw boards look like a nursery school. I think the impersonal nature of the internet makes it easier to say things that someone normally would not say in person.


  • Paralipomenon

    No different than any online community. People on message boards are not a good example of how people actually act day to day.

    I will lump xJW's into two categories though

    Those that choose to leave
    Those that were forced to leave

    Usually those that choose to leave are level headed and open to other viewpoints. They have had to come to terms with losing their faith in the Witnesses and reconciled it to the point that they are calm.

    Those forced to leave through often aren't afforded to reconcile their loss at their own pace and many get stuck in resentment or anger. I would say that these forums are usually quite civil considering how fragile the topic is that we all have in common. I have seen other forums that don't attempt or have the means to moderate posts that are hurtful and the climate is very different.

    If you want to see a forum full of jerks, just hit up almost any area that allows interfaith debates. You will see people that are downright abusive.

  • Golf

    Why? As the scripture says, "You reap what you sow!"


  • onacruse

    Most people, (JW and exJW) whom I've known are not jerks.

    There are exceptions.

  • lonelysheep

    There are jerks everywhere. I don't think it's any worse here. Quite frankly, I've seen some outright MEAN words on other message boards I use to frequent that weren't xjw.

  • needproof

    You can excuse us for being slightly mentally unstable after what we have been through


    Well the point of the topice is simple. In my real life I have dealings with one "jerk" on a regular basis. However, there are three more that I deal with on a less frequent basis. That being said I can think of at least 25 people right off the top of my head, here and on other boards that "jerks." Don't you think that this number is extremely high? What do you think is the reason for it?

    I do read other non-JW DBS, and have never come across the number of just surly, grumpy, grouchy, and generally negative people that I have come across on X-JW boards.

  • crazyblondeb

    I bet Warlock can answer this one!! nenner

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