Can someone help me out?

by Nancy Drake 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • OnTheWayOut
    Onthewayout, sweetie, I only see red x's...

    they were there, Moderator supreme must have removed them.

  • AlmostAtheist

    OTWO, your pics are only visible to you. You need to upload them to the web, then referece them here.

    I think JWD has some sort of upload capability, too. Click the "Files" link up near your inbox and see what can be done with that. (Never used it, sorry)


  • Dismembered

    It's an interesting pic. Not enough sandals for the number of bodies. They forgot one leg or something to that efffect. I used to stare at it instead of paying attention to that goddamn watchtower study.


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Nancy I have a song book. Where do ya live? I could take a picture of it or scan it for you...

  • OnTheWayOut
  • avidbiblereader

    Hey they all have beards, this is going to be one huge JC.


  • Tuesday

    Ha I remember that picture, I drew all over them though and I'm sure I gave one of the guys a tie-dyed robe. I love the guy in the far left, he looks like some swedish black metal singer....

  • kifoy

    Ah. That picture!

    I remember we were always puzzling over the spare foot (or feet?).
    I can't see it now on these small images, and maybe it has been fixed, I don't know.
    But somwhere along the first line, we found feet that we could not easily link to a body.

    Anyone else remember?


  • kifoy

    Dismembered: I did not see your post at first.

    So it was the other way around?
    But I can't see anything wrong on the small picures posted here.


  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    Thanks a mil, OWTO!!!

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