I gave my roommate the letter about the Watchtower changes

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  • mrsjones5

    Someone needs to get a bat to take out that fake light.

  • greendawn

    It is also a question of what sacrifices people had to make when following the old light, only to discover later that it was all in vain. It's a strange God that can't inform correctly his only channel about his real intentions. It is not really a case of giving knowledge on an issue in increments but giving the wrong knowledge. Often there are flip flops between opposing mutually exclusive ideas.

  • Jim_TX

    A good lightbulb does not start off dim - and then get brighter - or dimmer - in the course of its' lifetime.

    In fact - if a lightbulb _does_ get dim - it usually gets replaced with a bulb that shines steadily bright, before it burns out.

    Face it. The 'light just keeps getting brighter' analogy is b.s. and used instead of apologizing and saying, "Oops. We made a mistake."


    Jim TX

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Fred E. Hathaway,

    The separating work is definitely underway.

    Get with the times, Watchtower pulled that rug out from under you way back in 1995.


  • jgnat

    Definition of a cult: http://www.cultfaq.org/

  • shera
    O.k,I havn't been around much. Computer problems AGAIN,someone post the links to these changes..purdy please?
    Here is the topic in question. On page 2, you will find Elsewhere's pdf of the same file. The quality is nearly identical, so I would suggest getting the pdf.


  • Fred E Hathaway
    Fred E Hathaway

    Can someone give the link to that? I must have missed seeing it.

  • jgnat

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