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  • BiancaAustralia


    Im a Elders Daughter right so i was wondering if you the daughter like being an Elders Daughter?

    Do you think it is a curse being a Elders Daughter?

    Do you think being a Elders Daughter you get treated differentley?

    And what are the pros and cons of being an Elders Daughter?

    Ok i'll get off my highhorse now.


  • Cass

    Hi ther fellow ausie

    hhhmmmm, I'm not an elders daughter but my dads an MS and my grandad and uncles are elders, all in the same smallish town. Everyone thought i was good kid while i was growing up as i was quiet and my family was known as good Jehovahs witnesses, you know pioneers missionary work elders MS's... So now I've moved back to my home town and it has come to the elders attention that I am 'having some problems and need some help' I have found that the elders who know my family have been really nice to me and i think they sincerely are trying to help me, i know these same elders have treated my friends like s**t, but because of my family they are good to me. However, i think that when i finally leave my fall is going to be a big one because of my families participation in the cong.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Bianca,

    WELCOME to the forum!!!!! I was too young when my father was an elder, to realize the benefits. What brings you here?? Hopefully you will stick around and make many new friends.


    Lady Liberty

  • SirNose586

    I used to be the son of an elder. That time wasn't very enjoyable...we had to be early every time, much to the stress of the rest of my family (I could always get ready in 5 minutes or less). Many times we would ride to the meeting in awkward silence, my father's lips pursed white with anger at not leaving soon enough.

    I remember being told that as an elder's family, we had to be exemplary in all respects. We had to comment at every meeting, be on time, and keep our field service time at or above the national average. The effect on my father's mental well-being was detrimental, to say the least. Dad was more of a nervous wreck than usual. He'd come home emotionally drained, and had little in the way of therapeutic release. During that time, I was taught the importance of keeping a "stiff upper lip," as the saying goes. Appearance was everything.

    I'm glad he stepped would've really ruined him to keep his postion.

  • BiancaAustralia

    Lady Liberty thanks for welcoming me to this amazing forum. I guess the reason why i visited the forums is cause of wanting to get advice on things to do if i did decide to leave the org.

    Plus there is a guy who i like that is not a witness and i basiclly need advice on that area.

    In my cong im know as the perfect elders daughter who has done nothing wrong but i tell in all honesty it has hard living up to being the "perfect elders daughter". And cause im a unbaptized publisher im not really sure if i want to take the next step to being baptized.

    I know of another elders daughter who shall remain nameless well she went to university and she basiclly fell in love and left the truth cause of what happend but that was years ago. And was wondering can you still talk to your family if you do find love on the outside.

    And also my elder dad simply stated that if you have a boyfriend that im kicking you out of home.

    Do you think an elders family dress differently to others that are in the congregation?


  • PaulJ

    I've personally never been an elders daughter (obviously) but I understand where you are coming from. Even if you dont get any kind of preferential treatment, it might not stop people thinking that you do. Thats the worst thing about it.

  • PopeOfEruke


    do NOT get baptized!! It will change your life forever! If you stay unbaptized and eventually leave "the truth" then things will be MUCH easier on you in your future life.

    So whatever you decide, please don't get dunked!! That will be BIG trouble for you!

    All the best!


  • BiancaAustralia

    Hey i just realised that i was forced into getting to be a unbaptized publisher.


  • PaulJ

    Dont get dunked. The reason I say that is because of the situation with my family. Except for my dad and youngest brother we all left the truth. Me and my other brother did get baptised- he was df'd and I da'd myself. My sister never got baptised and instead drifted and did her own thing. Guess which one of us my dad and brother still speak to?? My sister because she was never technically a witness. Its for the best if you do leave and want to stay in touch.

    Surely if you are an elders daughter you should have been baptised at like 12 or something??? (kidding)

  • becca1

    I'm an elders daughter. When I was little I think I people had pity for me. I think it was pretty obvious that I was being dragged around in an adult world and that I was an afterthought (at best) to my parents. In general, it did teach me a lot of how elders think and what motivates them.

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