Name the favorite thing your pet does

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  • looking_glass

    Swalker - you have to read the book. It is a tear jerker though. I read it on the bus and felt like a dope because of the crying that I was doing.

    I have a GF who adopted a puppy from a shelter. They don't know the dog's background and my GF and her hubby think the dog is part lab, part hound. He has the biggest head and paws I have ever seen on a dog (that is not a Dane). She learned quickly not to lock him up, but to cage him because one day she locked him in the kitchen and he chewed the corner off her cupboards. It was a mess!

    he chewed the corner off her cupboards. It was a mess!

    That's too funny! Mine chewed the outside deck, lighting, door frame and my concrete lions!!! He learned to open the front door and let himself in. That dog could chew....LOL! That's why it's so amazing to me that this one doesn't.


  • Abandoned

    Gizmo is going through his second kitty-hood. Although he is almost fifteen years old, every once in a while he dashes back and forth from one side of the trailer to the other. It's hilarious and you'd swear he was just widdle kiddy.

  • snickers

    My cat Katie is so cute - she does this thing where she runs ahead of me, then plops down on her back in front of where I'm walking. I can't walk past her without petting her tummy! Then when she has me down on the ground, she licks my hand, both sides, for as long as I'll let her. It's actually kinda gross, but totally endearing.

  • purplesofa

    We have a cat that is huge...........HUGE!!!

    He will scoop out food from the bowl one at a time with his paw and then eat it off the floor. He lays down while he does this. Gently and delicately he does this.

    I dont know if it hurts his back or neck or something to eat out of the bowl.......but, this is how he eats.

    He also can reach door knobs ......and will try to open the door. The last place I lived, he could reach the lightswitch and flip the lights on.


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    My dog, Ronin. Husky/rottweiler, male, 10 years old.




    Ronin loves to (besides go fishing) howl & sing. Sometimes he sounds just like Chewbacca. The funniest is when I play guitar and he sings along.

    Our cat, Ripley. Female, 4 years old.




    Ripley loves to get all whacked out on catnip and chase the laser pointer dot around. This cat will literally climb walls in hot pursuit.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I love that dog in your top pic to death. Anyway I have a cat named buddy. He's just nervous by nature but he's very nice. He has razor sharp claws and doesn't hesitate to use them on anything without notice. I don't want to clip his nails though, because it's painful and he really is nice natured. He also needs to be able to defend himself. When he wants my attention he will come to my face wherever I am, and tap me with his paws ever so gently, with the pads. I dont even feel his claws, and beleive me, they are there. He will also gently nibble my nose at times with his incisors. He treats me with respect and is very sensitive and gentle to my face in every way. If I didn't put him in another room at times, he would be content to spend every waking minute of the day, glued to me.

  • Stephanus

    Both Ronin and Ripley are great! Very photogenic.

    Timaaaaah the cat is our "little alien" - everything about human technology fascinates him. Unlike most cats, he follows the vacuum cleaner around and plays with it, and he loves to watch the garbage trucks emptying the bins from the driveway (his brother, Sugar, watches discreetly from behind the bushes). Timmy also used to come running to watch the toilet flush, and he also used to watch the little "critter" run back and forth inside the bathroom scales, when he jumped on them. He used to watch the boys opening and closing the bedroom door, and he figured out that it had something to do with that round thing at about bed height. He used to put his paw on it, but he didn't have the strength to turn it. One night I heard the door spring open, and Timmy gave a triumpant "Meow!". I came out of my room and saw the boys' door open a decent gap, and Timmy peering proudly from the end of the bed. I don't know if he can still do it, because it's been a while since he's spent the night in the boys' bedroom - the weather's been too good outside to come in at night, lately.

  • dobbie

    lol Abandoned bit off topic but my little lad just saw your avatar and though it was his grandad!(I said you were a bit younger that him!)

    Swalker that is so true about labs my mums ate everything in sight!Chairs, carpet, rocks. He used to reach the back of the worktops with his great paws and drag any food he could til he could gobble it up - he once ate a lovely looking veggie shepherds pie my mum made me by doing that - i haven't liked him much since cos all i ended up having for my dinner was toast!grrr.He even used to eat the foil tubs his dinner used to come in lol

    My dogs a bit old now but he used to love playing football on the beach, he push it along for miles with his shoulders. He also always knows when we're ill or upset and sits by our side.

    My dads dog used to like biffing balloons in the air and keep them up there it was so funny to watch.

  • Stephanus

    My dads dog used to like biffing balloons in the air and keep them up there it was so funny to watch.

    Our cats went through a balloon popping phase, IIRC. They like to catch bubbles when the boys have those bubble blowing set-ups.

    he once ate a lovely looking veggie shepherds pie my mum

    He ate a vegetarian shepherd's pie?? Some dogs'll eat anything! LOL

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