Grabbing your butt..

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  • Blueblades

    It happens all the time in the sports world. The guys patting each other on the butt everytime they do something that helps the team win. I don't know about the ladies in sports ,if they pat each other on the butt? Do the ladies pat each other on the butt like the guys do?


  • mia_b

    No one touches my butt apart from my hubby! i have real issue with this as it was something considered acceptable in our family to slap someones butt to hurry them up up the stairs etc. it used to make me mad. but then my father also thought it was fun to snap the back of your bra too, i never got that at school but i had to put up with it at home!

  • Jim_TX

    I didn't see the press coverage on this so may be a bit off with my remarks...

    I - personally - do not believe it is appropriate to be 'touching' a person of the opposite sex in areas that may be construed as 'intimate'. If that sounds 'stodgey' or prudish... so be it.

    I may also be considered a bit prudish for this remark, but in my book... ass-grabbing is equal to boob-grabbing. Both are unacceptable - unless you are either married to - or dating - and the other is okay with it.

    I was brought up to not do such things.

    The same with 'bra snapping'. I think that goes a bit far - I don't even do that to my wife (or prior - my girlfriends before I got married). Bra-snapping is just... well... juvenile. Sophmoric. (or is that soph-moronic?)

    I think that if Mr. Bush Sr. did this (ass-grabbing), he is at a time in his life where he thinks that he can do this, and get away with it. (It's called 'dirty old man')

    I know that 'macho' guys do this while playing football, or whatever... I just think that it is a tad over the line... almost on the verge of... well, I won't go there.

    Now... I _will_ while walking with my wife, have my arm around her, and it may travel a tad lower... until I am rubbing her ass... (heh heh heh) she always chastises me for it... but I think that she likes it. (I would never do this with an aquaintance, though.)


    Jim TX

  • free2beme

    Never heard about it, until just now. If he is tapping that action though, Wow! She is pretty attractive. I read in the check out line all the time, that he and his wife do not get along. I figured it was all BS liberal hatred. I don't really like Bush though, so if this is true, it is kind of funny.

  • jaguarbass

    Apparently you can't do anything without public scrutiny, if your surname is "Bush". Yet as pointed out, the surname "Clinton" is a get out of gaol free card.

    The Clintons are somewhat normal people. The Bush's are old money.

    Intellectually the 2 Georges don't even make a whole

    . Bill was a self made made man, much more honest if that is possible for a politician and less hypocrytical. Bill Clinton was not a prude. He was a mans man.

    The Bush jokers are right wing bible thumping hypocrytes, I doubt they have ever read the bible, George2 might not even be able to. But they pander to all the right wing jesus freaks. So when they step out of line they are fair game.

    The truth of the matter is, what any ex president does is scrutanized. The Bush dudes are just more comical. Kind of like the Smothers Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, or Abbot and Costello. And George 2 deffinitely has Will Farrell down.

  • Stephanus
    The Bush dudes are just more comical. Kind of like the Smothers Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, or Abbot and Costello.

    Hey! (Tony) Abbott and (Peter) Costello are two senior ministers in the Australian Federal Government - don't make fun of us!


    As for Clinton, he was a sleaze, and pretended to be a Bible-thumper when it suited him.

  • bigwilly

    With the exception of someone that asked to feel (long story I'll have to share some time) all grabbing of my butt catches me off guard. My wife thinks it's funny when someone does it to me and I jump and scream like a little girl, or look violated. Doesn't matter who or when, I always jump.

  • hillary_step

    Perhaps this is just a Bush Dynasty rite of passage from puberty to adolescence - God help us when they both come of age.

    George Bush Senior embarrassed the female German Chancellor Anne Merkel by deciding it would be a good idea to massage her neck for her publicly, without her permission of course. She was sensible enough to equally publicly throw off his attentions.

    Maybe you are just dealing with a family of tactile (fake) Texans who's social graces are very limited. The sight of President Bush Jnr. eating in public was a joy to behold if you happen to be a very hungry Spotted Hyena.


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