My Bethel Experience Part 17

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    NewBoy..I love your series on Bethel.I`ve read all of them..A question for you..Why did the local nieghbourhood hate you guys so much?...OUTLAW

  • new boy
    new boy

    To "True searcher"

    I'm sure Mr. frog is dead by now R.I.P.........He had to be 60 years old then....that was 35 years ago.

    To "Out Law"

    They hated us in "The Heights" for many reasons. 1. The heights population back then was about 30% gays..........we were huge gay bashers 2. Most people wouldn't like 1500 self righeous guys invading your neighorhood? 3 The Society was buying up all of the real estate in the area.........many people refused to sell to WBTS......because of that......the society created "Fake" corps. to buy it up anyway.

    To "captain"

    I was there when "The Margaret" burned down.......the windows facing the fire in the 107 building were so hot you couldn't put your hand on them.

    To "out of esrvice"

    Some areas they would asign only brothers into, like south Bronxs, Harlem, and Bedford Sti........The sisters always traveled with 2 or 3 other Bethelites at night. During the day they were fine...........but none of them ever walked from the factory at 2 in the morning by themselfs. Its all about being in the wrong PLACE at the wrong time.

  • juni

    Thanks newboy!

    My husband is a New Yorker and he has told about the bums "washing" your windshield and then wanting money. A snot rag? Yep. Gross.

    New York city is a strange and interesting place to be. Very diverse and you see things you will never see in another city. Extremely expensive also. Actually our very first "contact" with the JW religion was w/a taxi driver while on our honeymoon. He presented us w/an Awake mag. I tossed it at the time.

    Isn't that interesting about Swingle? Racist and swears. Oh and to think these anointed ones are going to rule along side Christ over the earth and judge impartially. Yeah right.


  • confusa

    Keep them coming! Loved it once again!

  • evetteto

    Hi New Boy, did you happen to know a gentleman name Gary Pearce?

  • Gary1914

    Hi newboy. I really enjoyed reading your experiences while you were serving at Bethel, but this cannot be the end of your stories.

    How did you and your wife fare after marriage? If it's not too personal I would like to know. Also, what prompted your departure from the witnesses (you are not still a witness are you?).

    I am so caught up in your story I want to know, more, more!

  • jaguarbass

    I think it says somewhere in the bible "the making of books there is no end........and it is much worrisome to the soul" I don't think the world needs another book about much of a limited audience.......I mean really....... who really gives "a rip"?

    You dont still believe the bible, do you? Commerce makes the world go round. And coveting your neighbors goods is good for commerce. We are a society of consumers. If you copy something and change it 10% its considered original. Everyone has to market their product to their audience. Shepole have a collective memory of about 2 months. Thats how the politicians get away with what they do. If you want to be concious write everything down and review it every 2 months. Otherwise join the zombies. Anyways, I enjoyed your bethel experiences. Have a good day.
  • mann377

    New Boy: We must have crossed paths when at Bethel. I remember Old Lady Margret comming up to me and saying: "I'll rip your face off with a rusty trash can lid!" I was new at Bethel at the time and from the country and this knocked me for a loop. Did you play in any of the baseball games between the departments? Swingle use to ref the games. Did you know Charlie Feckel on the GB? He and I were good friends (boy did he fill my ear full with GB gossip).

  • grey matters
    grey matters
    it says somewhere in the bible "the making of books there is no end........and it is much worrisome to the soul"

    Sounds like a day in the bindery by your description

    I just got back from out of town, so I'm just now catching up. I love the part in part 10 where you are blasting down the road in a beatup 68 Ford Fairlane parting traffic with "Rocket Man" blaring out over the speakers. That was awesome! I'd love to load that on my iPod and try it myself. But I drive a 2 year old rock stock Chevy Malibu 4 door, so it probably wouldn't work.

    I'd have to think that the part of the lyric where he says "I'm not the man they think I am at home" would start to have meaning right about then.

  • Gayle

    I forgot about "Mr Frog",,he was a total nut case yelling, raspy like a frog, yes, always in the green suit,,maybe if there was "internet" then, he wouldn't have flipped out so terribly, & ms Margaret was always yelling out her window facing the 107 building which I could only hear too much when I was in my room on the third floor, Gilead room's section, that Bethel girls were assigned to initially in '69. Oh, the noise in the City was too much for me! Had to always where ear plugs to sleep. After about 8 mos, the housekeepers got new assignments for housekeeping & I got the 8th floor in the 124 building, which was the Bethel library and writing offices and about 6 rooms of Bethelites with seniority. Carol Combs informed me never was a "new" girl given that assignment, in a tone that it was really an extra privilege. So I was cleaning along one day in the Bethel library & Swingle comes in the library from the 9th floor where his office was & asked me "What is the name of that sweet little "N...." gal here in the Gilead class?".............I was sure I misheard, & said I something intelligent like "Huh?" Then he just restated it,,I said "Oh do you mean "L.P." he said .."yes, we're doing an article on something & thought we'd use her in a picture".. I was totally stumped because I had never heard a JW say that word and here he was of the "anointed" and later officially in the GB. Driving in the City, my brother (he did G-jobs, too, waitering & plumbing) & had a VW and he had to constantly shoo away guys at the curbs trying to clean windows for a dollar, which only made it worse,,if you thought you could give a dollar real quick to get rid of the guy,then only a couple more would just jump in the way too.

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