km arrangement?

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  • lisavegas420

    I was chatting with a guy on YouTube. He was reading the bible verse by verse (on you tube) and talking about trying to get reinstated. Well he must have gotten some slack and took down all of his videos and left three explaining why he was taking down the other videos.

    I wrote him one last note: about the WT changing to only one a month for the public and one for private JW is his reply back to me:

    They read a letter at my meeting tonight about this. I am always amazed at the wisdom that Jehovah's Organization uses in their decisions. There are so many I can remember. This one does not let me down. The bit that I caught from the letter is that this way the 15th WT can use term used by JWs. Not commonly known by the public. Such as "Pioneer", "Anointed", "Other Sheep", ect. I'm speculating, but I would assume also ideas not commonly known by the general public. Jesus set an example of this by the way. Many times he would speak with the public, but then later explain more fully to his close disciples the deeper things. If you take the time to have JWs answer your questions, not here on Youtube. They are encouraged not to participate in this form of preaching. It's very difficult to know who you are speaking with (Lonelygirl15). I've found 2 explicit examples of exJWs hiding who they are to deceive others. Perhaps in the future they will have researched this further and will change their recommendations. Until I see it, I am limiting my use of Youtube to other activities. That Zack21 guy is pretty interesting. I'm thinking about getting a dog for my son. I might get the type he has and use his suggestions on how to train him.

    PS have you noticed the subscribers the athiests have here on Youtube? 1500+, I've had an interesting convo. w/ theBoringdispatcher & ZenArcher too. I am shocked how fast things are going on to fulfill Bible prophecy of stomping out false religion. Just last night I was watching CNN, like usual they were on top of bashing false religion. Ask JWs about this, I've been waiting for this, when many said it would never happen. This seems to be changing. BRING IT ON!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Jeff ExJW Repenting!!! Right Now!!!


  • Gill

    Lisa! This bloke needs a dose of 'Independent Thinking Skills!'

    How bizarre to hear how he is 'amazed by the wisdom of Jehovah's Organization!' When in reality all they are doing is saving money because they are a dying cult!

  • jayhawk1

    Let them keep their stupid Kingdom Ministry. It is just one less thing you have to read if you don't get one. Hopefully the same will be true of the new Watchtower arrangement. It will drive down meeting attendence if the irregular members don't get their copy.

  • luna2
    Gill said: Willyloman - If they do that I wonder if this dubs only Watchtower/Km will be printed on the same low quality paper as the usual KM is. That should cut the costs even more.

    Dang, yes! They can print it on tissue-thin newsprint and hold the color. Nice cost savings on the dub Watchtower while leaving the "public" Watchtower color so they can keep up appearances and pretend they are still a viable organization with their paperback Bibles, printed list of revisions for outdated study books, and one pair of handout rags each month. Lisa, I feel sorry for that poor sap. I do remember the days when I would "reason" that way too. He's so steeped in shit that his nose doesn't work any more.

  • lisavegas420

    I've was reading his blog and videos everyday. Before he was instructed to take everything down...... He is trying to get reinstated. I wish someone could say something to open his eyes. He's married with a beautiful little boy, He said he's planing on homeschooling. Anyone that has a few minutes...well more like 45 minutes..but you could just turn the speakers on and listen and not watch...but listen to him and maybe send him a message. You might be saving an entire family


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