What a woman REALLY means!!

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  • mama1119

    I have to admit, I do all of those. But now my husband is on to me.

  • Xena

    LT says I sigh a lot. Wonder what that means

    hehehe whatever dude.

  • LittleToe

    Oh yeah, you know you like it, oh yeah!

  • Xena
  • crazyblondeb

    Excuse my ego for a minute, but I think this thread may be directed towards me, but you know..............................WHATEVER!


    I KNOW YOU JUST DIDN'T SAY THAT!! FINE, *.......SIGH.........*

  • LtCmd.Lore

    And people wonder why I have no desire to marry.

    "Marriage is a wonderfull institution... but who wants to live in an institution?" Groucho Marx.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I can marry any woman I please. (pleasing any of them just isn't possible though is it?)

  • Abandoned
    And people wonder why I have no desire to marry.

    No kidding. And, although I realize this was at least partially meant as a joke, why would anyone be proud of being horrible at communicating? If you wanted to let someone know how you feel, why not just let him know how you feel? I guess when I was younger, I would have put up with someone acting completely opposite to how they really feel as a necessary evil of wanting to be in a relationship, but now I'd just rather find someone who knew how to say, "that made me feel bad," or contineu my journey alone.

  • looking_glass

    But some men have us figured out. I was working on a case w/ a shareholder partner in my firm and he was really pissing me off but I had to hold my tongue. At one point I think everything (but no. 2) happened. But when I said to him "whatever" BOY did I get called out on that one. And I did mean what the original thread says it translates into. Unfortunately the shareholder partner knew that. Color me red.

  • JamieL

    I think I have decided I don't have time for individuals who cannot simply say what they mean. Which unforunately includes a lot of women, and probably drives men to be gay...(joking)

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