A question for the ladies

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  • JeffT

    Ok Bobsgirl got a bunch of advice, now I'd like to hear from the women. Our anniversary (27 years)is this weekend. I've rented a place that has beach access and a hottub (on Whidbey Island for those in the Seattle area). So any ideas for making it an extra special weekend?

  • blondie

    Lit candles, special beverage and nice snacks, your music (your song, if you have one or remember it), small gift and card with a special thought from you.

  • nelly136

    oils dont forget oils for massage or bath(make sure its one that neither of you are allergic too though)

  • LDH

    The place has a hot-tub and you need OUR suggestions?

    Bring a case of wine and let the good times flow.

    Happy Anniversary.


  • AGuest

    Hmmmm... after 27 years YOU don't know what SHE 'likes'? I don't think ANYONE can help you, dear one.


    SJ, on her own, but still speaking truth...

  • JeffT

    Yes, I know what she likes, and yes I have a pretty good idea of the basics. I'm just looking for new ideas. Something that will leave going "Wow, how did he dream that up?"

  • Ranchette

    The room with hot tub is a great start! I was thinking along the same lines as Blondie.
    Nice dinner out or candle lit dinner in room. Music, dim lighting, flowers, a sweet card,
    A small gift is great especially if it’s a piece of jewelry. Top this off with your undivided attention.

    No power tools!!! None of those practical stuff men like so much.
    A personal gift is best for an anniversary.

  • expatbrit

    On the contrary, Ranchette, a power "tool" may be just the ticket!


  • LDH

    ok since bobsgirl got so much help, I will try to help you out here Jeff.

    Is your wife reserved, or sexually adventurous?
    Is she pretty ok with her body dimensions?

    How about a session with a photographer with the two of you naked, kind of a la John Lennon and Yoko Ono? If she is reserved, it could be some very tasteful boudoir shots. If she is a little more adventurous she could dress up for you.

    This is something I plan to do as soon as the baby is born when I get MY body back. Before my ass goes to hell permanently.


  • Billygoat

    How to please a woman:

    Talk to her.
    Listen to her.
    Caress her.
    Hug her.
    Touch her.
    Kiss her.
    Laugh with her.
    Dream with her.
    Bring gifts for her.
    Cry with her.
    Fantasize with her.
    Share your innermost thoughts with her.
    Wine her.
    Dine her.
    Trust her.

    How to please a man:

    Show up naked and bring beer.

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