Snowed in again !

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  • rebel8

    If Sunspot is on here today, she could tell you about how she does it. She lives a little north of me and they have gotten slammed with over 5 feet of snow in less than 2 days.

    I don't get it as bad as Sunspot's town, but it is still upstate NY so we do get a lot. I cope with it by pretending it's not winter--close my curtains, stoke up the fireplace, and distract myself by watching tv, reading, eating lots of carbs and the occasional . At work I faced my desk away from the window so I don't have to look at the snow.

    I try to go on vacation to someplace warm each winter and just spend my time obsessing about how warm it's going to be until I get there. I also spend lots of time imagining what it's going to be like when I move to the desert (my dream).

    In the meantime I wear long johns every day, 2 prs of socks, and stockpile my kitchen with food each autumn. We sleep with 3 comforters and flannel sheets.

    Here's a pic from nearby...


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk
    Swoon! I loved Terry Thomas!

    Helloooooo,ding-dong,i say (twirls moustache)

  • jaguarbass

    I grew up in an area in America, Cleveland Ohio, where we used to, back in the 70's, get snowed in every year. I used to enjoy bundling up and walking a mile or so to the grocery store and carry home a sack of milk, bread ,meat sweets etc. You have to make the best at what life throws at you. By the time I was 30, I had enough of the cold and had to move to an extremely warm place in the states. Right now in Tampa its a bit chilly 74 degrees. I have my sweat pants and shirt on. We had the Florida State Fair in Tampa starting last night, the wheather was beautiful.

  • aarque

    I live in northern NY (Adirondack Park) and we have been clobbered with snow up here. I went out in the yard, looked around at the snow piled up and could only think of two things: it boggles the mind that there are no two flakes alike and that at least it doesn't make any noise when it falls.

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