Anna Nicole Smith died

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  • Hortensia

    very interesting to see Geraldo Rivera, a real creep himself, call Howard K. Stern "Rasputin" and so interesting to watch Nancy Grace, a real horrible example of a blood sucking journalist, get all upset when a California attorney said that Anna Nicole Smith's little baby might be put in foster care. Nancy Grace says she can't believe he would say a thing like that. The attorney said someone has to change the little girl's diapers until a court decides who is responsible for her. Also really interesting to watch these "journalists" speculate very obviously about whether Stern murdered Anna Nicole Smith, or murdered her son.

    The obvious answer doesn't sell television however. Poorly educated easily manipulated woman with drug and alcohol problems - she probably just accidently overdosed. Also, you can't forget the effect of yo-yo dieting, which is bad for your heart. So are all those drugs, illegal and legal. And she was sick recently, but the conspiracy cranks will have her right up there with Princess Diana as a victim of some bizarre plot.

  • Twitch
    Poorly educated easily manipulated woman with drug and alcohol problems

    and all that goes with that.

    It reminds me of someone i knew not that long ago, in fact a very similar if not as famous case. Party girl who dressed to the nines and wore it well, loved the attention of the men with money, bought into the lifestyle she saw on tv, had abusive relationships, a son she couldn't care for and liked to drink but didn't do drugs. We were "drinkin buddies" for lack of a better term and spent many nights shutting the bars down. I watched the parade of guys come and go, saw how she used and got used and was the "freak of the week" on many occasions. The gossip was nasty and I can't say she didn't bring it on herself. Everyone makes choices at some point. But we don't choose our parents or the mindset with which we are raised, do we? And it seems to me that biology and chemistry have their part to play in the lives we lead, sometimes beyond what we can handle by ourselves.

    We were friends. I was there for her to talk to when she needed to. I didn't take it any further than that as i had learned my lesson on not getting too close to her type from previous situations. What some might call boundaries. Everyone needs somebody to talk to; who knows when a kind word might make a difference? Nothing i did or said was for selfish reasons; it was done for the sake of her son who didn't really have a mother. These things have a ripple effect and who's to say what will become of him and the part he will play in this world.

    I haven't seen her for a couple years. She could be dead for all i know.

    Say what you will. All life is precious and should be respected. I remember a certain parable about a Samaritan of strong character,...

  • purplesofa

    I feel so badly that her last days where in grieving over her sons death.

    I just cant imagine the hole she felt inside.

    I feel much better not judging her.


  • lisavegas420

    How very sad.

    I believe that she will be the Marilyn Monroe of this generation.


  • onlycurious

    I saw 3 pictures of men today on Yahoo that really liked her. One of them enough to cheat on his wife for the last 10 yrs. Hmmmm.....appears she liked the older ones.

  • onlycurious

    I loved looking a pictures of her (with her clothes on) because she was such a woman. Sure she was a bit odd but it was nice to see a voluptuous woman look beautiful and be portrayed as such. Man, she really could strut her stuff in some of those photos.

  • mama1119

    That poor baby. What a tragic start to a life.

    I hope she is at peace now, and with her son.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I don't know, I think most people like Anna Nicole. There's just something about her. She was a sad soul who led a tragic life from the get go. She has never rubbed me the wrong way like some women who are similar to her do.

    Her son looked a lot like my son who is two years older.

    I bet the ex boyfriend wants dna tests done on Ann Nicole because he is so greedy that he fears Anna has faked her death. What pigs he and his attorney are for menacing Anna days after her son's death and daughter's birth.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    At last, Anna Nicole's assistant, XJW Kimmie Walther, speaks out:

  • restrangled

    After watching all the court proceedings which in reality were not real.....(The judge is nothing like I have ever seen in any court)...just goes to show that women who wind up too beautiful do not have a real life, alive or dead.)

    The most telling was the video tape of her made up as a clown, obviously stoned beyond belief.

    Anyone that really cared about her would never have filmed her in that state,asking her about being on a "mushroom" high and then telling her the tape would be worth money.

    That told me Stearn was as bigger Jack Ass then I thought he was to begin with. Shame on that Judge for not ending it with him right there.


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